These are the Disney + problems that nobody has ever told you about


No more than 24 hours have passed since the launch of Disney + in Spain and there are many problems that the platform is reporting. Most of these problems do not have to do with the platform itself, but with the content shown through the website and the official application and that is causing some users to worry. Coincidentally, these problems were previously reported in other countries where the service operates normally . Several months later, it appears that the company has decided not to fix them. Let's see what they are about.

All the episodes of The Simpsons are seen in 16: 9, with the problems that this entails

So is. As Tedd Vaziri, renowned special effects specialist, reported a few months ago, some titles that were originally recorded in 4: 3 ratio are shown in 16: 9 format . The problems that this entails go beyond a simple change of ratio. This is what Vaziri himself makes known on his official Twitter account.


- Todd Vaziri (@tvaziri) September 14, 2019

As can be seen in some of the images published by the specialist, the image cropping that involves going from 4: 3, the old screen format, to 16: 9, the modern format, has spoiled part of the information that surrounds the environment of the scenes . In series like The Simpsons some gags  lose all sense and it is something that is applied in most of its episodes.

Wow, another joke ruined by the 16 × 9 aspect ratio. (All you hear is a mysterious "Not again!" In this shot.) #DisneyPlusfail

- Daily Simpsons History (@dailysimpsons) November 13, 2019

This conversion is not exclusive to Disney +. A few years ago, FOX itself made public all the old episodes of the legendary series with the image cropping applied. The problem, according to several users, is that the platform does not allow changing the output format , forcing the chapters to be viewed in 16: 9. Some invite Disney + to upload the content with the famous black bars, even if this means reducing the final size of the image.

Some seasons are in Latin Spanish

Another problem that several fans of The Simpsons have reported comes from the language of the series. "Some seasons are entirely in Latin Spanish" is the general criticism that most users have directed to the platform.

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It is not an isolated problem, as it seems to apply to all countries , regardless of the origin of the subscription. Nor is it ruled out that it occurs in other series and films with third-party rights, that is, that they do not depend exclusively on Disney +. At the moment The Simpsons seems to be the only series affected.

Content data consumption: 4 GB per hour of playback

Disney + has been presented precisely as one of the streaming platforms with the highest quality of reproduction. Upon arrival in Spain, it has perfectly complied with this premise, with playback options compatible with 1080p and 4K resolutions and Dolby Vision, SDR and HDR certifications ... The problem is found in the consumption of content data.

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To get an idea, the application consumes an average of 4 GB per hour of playback at its maximum quality , according to information from our colleagues at Genbeta. This literally quadruples Netflix's consumption figures.

This excessive consumption of data does not exclusively affect the consumption of mobile data, also the space occupied by the application if we decide to download content to see it later without Internet . A season with an average of 4 or 5 chapters can occupy almost 20 GB on the device, something unusual in this type of platform. Not to mention if the season occupies 10 chapters or more.