How to send a gift wrapped through Amazon

How to send a gift wrapped through Amazon

Shall I gift it to you? It is the classic question that they ask you in a store of a lifetime, when you buy any object. Especially at Christmas, when almost everything we buy has star paper, bows and stickers with good wishes . Well, if you are one of those who usually buy gifts for your loved ones through Amazon, you should take a look at this option.

You can send a wrapped gift directly through Amazon . On the one hand, you have the option of receiving the wrapped gifts in your own home, to deliver them to your family or friends. The second (and more interesting) is to tell Amazon to send home the person who will receive the gift and, logically, do it with wrapping.

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How to request that our gift be shipped already wrapped through Amazon

If you want to order a gift wrapped through Amazon, you have to do the following:

1. Access Amazon as you normally do . Find the product you want to buy and click on it to open the page with its file and all the options to purchase it.

2. When you are determined to purchase the product, click on the Add to cart button. If you are determined, choose Process order. At this point, Amazon may ask you to sign in again. If so, enter your personal access data : email address and password. Although if you use this computer regularly, it is very likely that they have been added automatically.

3. Within this section of order processing, what you will see first is the option to select an address. If you've already placed other orders through Amazon, you probably have one or more addresses entered. Choose the one that interests you, if you want to receive the gift at your home. 

If you want someone else to receive it, click Add a new address. Now you will have to complete the information for the other address, making sure that you do it correctly. Enter a contact phone number . It is preferable that it is that of the person who is going to receive the package, in case the delivery person has problems to formalize the delivery. When you're done, go back to the initial screen and click on the yellow button: Send to this address.

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Indicate that you are sending a gift with Amazon

4. If the "Choose gift options" section does not appear just after the Address section, you will have to  return to the page of your shopping cart  and from there, select "It's a gift".

If it already appears, everything will be in order. On this page you can choose how you want the lucky person to receive their gift . First of all, you can hide the price information on the delivery note. This option is checked by default.

You can also decide the most important thing: if you wrap the gift package . This has a cost of 3 euros (2.99) per item. And includes: a gift wrap, box or bag appropriate for the product. Also offered is a decorative bow and a card printed with a personalized message on the top of the package.

And speaking of the card, on the right side of the page you have space (up to 205 characters or 7 lines) to enter what you want to say. Bear in mind, of course, that the cost of the packaging may vary depending on the size and shape of the product you have purchased.

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You should also be clear that some products, especially if they are very large, cannot be wrapped. In that case, what Amazon usually does is ship the product with its original packaging. If there are problems wrapping it, you will receive a message in which you can choose if you want it to arrive with the original package or if you prefer that it be served with the Amazon packaging. This option will have no cost to you.