The fraud of the video of the dance of Rita Barberá returns for her death

rita barberá hoax

Rita Barberá passed away today. The Valencian politician of the Popular Party (PP) was found dead this morning in a hotel in Madrid. Well, there are those who have taken advantage of it again to profit from the event. And it is that for just a few hours, a false message has been circulating again referring to an alleged dance by Rita Barberá . It is a fraudulent message that has been filmed for a long time, but has been recovered today due to the death of this woman. A few months ago, back in February of this year, the National Police warned that a hoax was being spread through WhatsApp in which there was talk of an alleged fraudulent video, in which theoreticallyRita Barberá stars in a dance . A few months ago, the National Police warned Internet users that it was a hoax: that there was no video, no virus and that the message was absolutely fraudulent.

the dance of rita barbera whatsapp

It indicates the following: “URGENT: Tell all the contacts on your list not to accept a video called EL BAILE DE LA RITA BARBERA. It is a virus that formats your mobile. Be careful it is very dangerous. Put it on your list as people open it thinking it's a joke. They are broadcasting it today on the radio. Pass it on to whoever you can ” . In addition to being full of spelling mistakes, the message has no links, it does not even ask users for data, but it is a hoax that people are sharing as if there was no tomorrow, to try to save their contacts from a supposed video that carries a virus and that can format your mobile. In addition, to give greater credibility to the message, it indicates that this same information is being transmitted by radio.

If you receive this message, you should be clear that:

  • The video and the message are false . There is no video of Rita Barberá in this regard and the message that is being spread is absolutely false.
  • If you do receive it, ignore it and notify your contacts that it is a hoax. It's about stopping it as soon as possible.
  • Logically, you don't have to share it. Do not forward the message to your contacts, or share it through social networks, because you will do nothing but make the snowball bigger.

Remember that in addition to allowing the transfer of viruses and fraudulent programs, instant messaging applications and social networks are very conducive to spreading false information . They are the typical chains, whose sole objective is to cause panic among users, cause chaos or simply waste people's time. In recent times, countless chains and fraudulent links have also spread that do contain viruses or share false information with which we can supposedly win gift vouchers to buy in such popular stores as Mercadona or Zara. You already know, if someone has sent you the famous message (or any other of these characteristics) share with him this article, to see if together we can make this kind of hoaxes and scams have a shorter journey.