Beware of fake ABANCA email fraud with an alleged system change

Beware of fake ABANCA email fraud with an alleged system change

We are on vacation, but even in the middle of summer, we must not lower our guard. Be very careful with what you receive today in your email inbox, because it may bring you an unexpected gift. And unpleasant. It is a false email from ABANCA  that is spreading like wildfire and is nothing more than a virus.

The problem is that not only are the clients of this bank receiving this email, but an endless number of users, who do not have an account in ABANCA. That is why you have to be especially careful. But what does this fraudulent email say? 

Well, let's assume that this is a pretty poorly written message. It comes with the subject ABANCA [important] and it includes attachments, one in .txt format and the other in .pdf. Be careful with them: you do not have to open either of them. Inside the mail, full of errors, we find a text that tells us that Abanca is changing the electronic system (sic) since August 18 and invites users to activate their account through the web.

Beware of fake ABANCA email fraud with an alleged system change

A fraudulent message to hunt down unsuspecting users

The message includes a fraudulent login link that should not be entered under any circumstances. After offering that link, which probably leads to a phishing site (imitating the original ABANCA website), the user is apologized for the inconvenience and their cooperation is appreciated.

But beware, there is more. At the end of the message, a banner is also offered to access the supposed ABANCA application , with confirmation codes to enter the mobile banking application. You have to ignore the entire content of the message and send it to the trash or directly to the spam section.

Luckily, Google has already detected this message and sender as fraudulent, so it is not possible to forward the mail in any case. Abanca has also alerted its clients about the sending of this fraudulent message and has completely disassociated itself from it.

Before opening an email from a bank, remember ...

  • Although some banks opt for email when communicating with their customers, but it is usually for advertising communications . Forget about any email in which they ask you to enter your bank or personal information, it is most likely a fraud.
  • If you have any questions, the most reasonable thing to do is to contact your bank office directly , either by phone or in person.
  • If you receive an email of these characteristics, make sure not to open it, click on any link or download it. You will avoid a good upset.

fan security

ABANCA has a customer service for your safety

In addition, ABANCA offers its clients the possibility of sending alerts in case they have been victims of a fraud like this. The company explains from its website that they monitor all operations and movements, in order to detect and prevent possible fraud.

They also have, like most banks, an alert system that alerts customers if there has been any type of unusual activity on accounts or cards . These warnings are sent through the mobile phone.

Customers who wish to do so can also contact ABANCA to warn about possible fraud. In this way, any person who receives a message, either by SMS or by email (such as the latter that has occupied us) has the possibility of reporting it through this mailbox:  [email protected] com. If you have any questions, you can also call 24 hours a day at 981 910 525.