The funniest congratulations to celebrate 2017 on WhatsApp and Facebook


How is your last day of the year being? Have you already congratulated the year to all your friends, family and relatives? If you haven't done it yet and want to add a bit of humor to the day, you may have to take a look at some of these images that we propose here. They are all funny congratulations, some jokes from great comedians like Forges or Quino (oh, what would we do without our beloved Mafalda) and many other images that you can use to wish yours a happy entrance to the new year that we have around the corner. corner. With everything, from we also want to wish you a Happy 2017. Enjoy the day and this special night with all the humor in the world, but not before sharing the images that we propose here! You can send them by WhatsApp , but also share them on your favorite social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter.


Let's start with one of the greats: Forges . The famous cartoonist has in his history countless cartoons related to the end of the year celebrations and all its variants. A touch of acid humor never hurts to refresh the mind. And we are going for social criticism , because the second image that we share with you is that of a conversation between two people who want to wish each other the best, not only to themselves, but to all of humanity… well, in a big way.


We are sure you would have missed it, especially if you are a staunch fan of Quino and Mafalda . Her cartoons - even if we know them by heart - never leave us indifferent. And it is that they are a breath of reality that usually leaves us stupid.


This character also serves us for almost everything. In this case, to warn you and your loved ones that grapes have a serious danger: that of choking . Be very careful everyone. Dedicate, if necessary, a little bit of your time to peel them and remove the seeds. We don't want accidents.


And let's go with another joke, but in this case of couples. Are you one of those who are going to celebrate New Year's Eve with your mother-in-law or have you traveled as far as possible to avoid having to suffer it on this special night? If you are one of the first, don't forget to comply with the protocols . It is not going to be that who you end up badly with is your partner. Caution, sons-in-law and daughters-in-law, the world is not ending today. And remember: no flies enter a closed mouth.


And here we have another couple, in this almost divine. The Devil and God, sharing that of good and bad luck, just like that . You take the grapes, in case the flies. Someone will have to touch the bad, so we do not lose anything either.


Faced with the avalanche of screens and technology in homes, there are many families who have decided that their members leave their phones in baskets before starting dinner. If you can't even get off the phones, take a look at the protocol. Which way does the phone go?


How much do you love your partner? Some and some are still in love until the bar, but there are others who have deserted. Q ue not you like to pass the bullet and 2017 will bring good love.


If your purpose for the new year is to get a little more exercise, maybe tonight you can start. What does this one feel like more than push-ups? 


And here you have God and the Devil, again , taking a look at the good intentions that you have written down in your agendas. That you are going to finally start the gym? That you won't miss a Pilates class? What will you stop smoking once and for all?


And we finish with our dear Mafalda , renewing the old calendar and hanging the new one. We are sure that this year, like us, it will have brought you a little of everything. Whatever it is, don't lose faith. May 2017 bring you, at least, renewed energy to do everything that you have proposed . Even if it's just going back to the gym!

Happy New Year to everyone!