The best memes of the electoral debate in the United States


With the popularity of social networks, any event becomes a focus of debate and gives rise to jokes and jokes of all kinds. If the event is also an electoral debate between the two top candidates to become president of the United States of America , 'turn off and let's go'. For this reason, we have selected a series of memes to experience the intensity of the exchange of arguments, pleas and reproaches that the Republican candidate Donald Trump and the Democratic candidate  Hillary Clinton dedicated to each other  .

Music was one of the most popular topics when tweeting humorously. Many are the songs that were mentioned in the networks, but without a doubt the Pimpinela duo takes the cake. If we go to solo singers, the networks were primed with Donald Trump , whom they introduced in a style more throwing 60s rock.


And it is that the Republican candidate has earned the ridicule. Gossip is saying that Russian leader Vladimir Putin would be delighted if Trump was elected president. During the debate the topic came up quite a few times, but Hillary's rival was constantly throwing balls out. And the joke was immediate, with this wonderful creation by some user with a bad grape and a great sense of humor.


And it is that nobody was fought in the debate. Not even members of the public who had the opportunity to ask candidates on such important issues in world politics as those asked by our next protagonist. Obviously, everything is the key of humor, but the boy hits the mark, huh?


Some memes would not be memes, if the popular animated series The Simpsons is not used . They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Analysis is unnecessary in this case.


Donald Trump has made himself truly unpopular for his constant unfortunate comments on women, immigration, sex, and other topics of general concern. Without going any further, he recently had a tough dialectical confrontation with actor Robert De Niro . In this context, he did not hesitate to verbally attack his rival, recalling certain episodes that occurred in the past. Former President Bill Clinton was the focus of jokes on the networks. Does it ring a bell?


But not everything was going to be criticism and insults. On this occasion, some drawings that many of today's thirty-somethings, including a server, enjoy on the small screen. Because, you remember Dragon Ball right? Don't our presidential candidate friends seem adorable?


In summary, the second debate for the Presidency of the United States was full of tension between both candidates, but it is always good to lower the intensity a bit with jokes of this type. Did you like them? In any case we would like to know your opinion.