Denon AVC-A1HD, the cinema amplifier that offers the most complete processing capacity

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Fans of home cinema who buy their sound equipment in line at the supermarket, in those large piles of offers near the checkouts, and above all are happy, stop now. This is not a team for them. It costs 6,000 euros . Sound lovers, you can read on. There are amplifiers and amplifiers. Some are great for soundtracks, but when you want to hear an opera , or a good rock record, you get asthmatic . Others do not. Others can rock the soundtrack, from the whispers in the middle of the night to the explosion of a volcano , and without disheveled undertake Tchaikovski's 1812perfectly differentiating each shot, each bell, and each cannon shot. And also separate each of the notes of the orchestra.

This Denon AVC-A1HD is one of those teams, with muscle and intelligence. It has three sound processors for three aspects, from home theater to THX performance , and has power supplies for each of its seven sound channels , all connected to a huge toroidal transformer . Even with the most demanding speakers, you will be able to perform with honors. And the sound couldn't be better. The construction is very solid, with thick metal panels that prevent vibrations, and very well thought-out electronics for both sound and image. Between this team and some of the competition that costs between 2,000 and 3,000 euros more, it is better to stay with the AVC-A1HD.

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