The best memes of the historic black hole photo

black hole

Not even science escapes the culture of the meme. Internet users always find a way to make humor out of whatever. And they did the same yesterday on the occasion of the presentation of the  first real image of a black hole  by  the international consortium Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) . This international collaboration managed to coordinate the information provided by a network of eight observatories located in different parts of the world with the ultimate goal of taking the first photo of a  supermassive black hole  located in the center of the Messier87 galaxy, located at 53.3 million light years from Earth.

Undoubtedly a fact that kept not only scientists, but the entire world on the lookout. And of course, it also aroused all kinds of reactions among Internet users, who lacked time to publish a series of  memes to celebrate this milestone in the history of science .

One moment, one moment, ONE MOMENT… # BlackHoleDay

Black Hole

- Pasanospoco (@pasanospoco) April 10, 2019

Without a doubt, the comparison of the black hole with the Eye of Sauron,  has been the favorite meme of the whole network . As can be seen in the images, Internet users compared the halo of light that can be seen in the original photograph of the black hole with the flashes that the representation of the dark lord in the Lord of the Rings trilogy gave off.

sauron eye

Here Tobey Maguire puts on his glasses to observe the all-seeing eye from a distance. As we said, the character created by Tolkien is one of the themes that has given the most play .

black hole cat

Another of the most acclaimed is this cat. The Internet is full of cat lovers.

The photo of the black hole is blurry, but if you zoom and enhance then you can see its full destructive power

- Mark Doherty (@dohertymark) April 10, 2019

Some will remember this. Right, you guessed it! The famous red light of death of the Xbox 360 that indicated that we could only use it as a paperweight. Microsoft certainly doesn't even want to be mentioned. This prank cost the company $ 1.15 billion .

red light xbox

But here we are to remind Microsoft. Never forget.

EXCLUSIVE: First time in history that a black hole has been photographed.

- Anacleto Panceto (@Xuxipc) April 10, 2019

Of course, politics has also been cannon fodder for netizens. There's no respect anymore…