FIFA 13 vs PES 2013, in-depth comparison

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They are one more year here FIFA and PES, the main sagas of the genre football for consoles and PC. Konami and Electronic Arts have already published the installments for 2013 of their games for the most soccer gamers, two installments that always top the lists of best-selling games in our country. Even so, both games seek to take the podium in this sports genre , currently in possession of the FIFA saga after surpassing the PES saga in the latest installments of both franchises. On this occasion, the Konami game arrives loaded with news and innovations in the genrethat could be enough to achieve a solid increase in new players.

Although they are two games of the same genre and with many similarities, there are several differences in key points and improvements compared to previous installments. The first differences between the two games are at the time of purchase: price and platforms. The price of PES 2013 is around 50 euros, while that of FIFA 13 is around 70 euros, although it has many more different platforms , such as Sony and Nintendo portable consoles .


Soccer games have taken giant steps in the graphic section with each generation , and the realism that we can find in the latest installments is shocking, especially for those players who have seen both sagas grow since their inception. Already in FIFA 12 we saw how the saga improved its graphics engine and made a notable leap in this regard, with new systems such as the impact of players . PES 2013 has improved slightly with respect to its predecessor, but its graphics engine does not allow it to grow much more and you will have to change it for future deliveries if you want to take the lead in the graphics section.FIFA 13 knew how to take a big leap and still looks better than Konami's game, something that the Japanese company will seek to change in the next installment with the preparation of a new graphics engine for its favorite football saga.


A section that seems that it cannot be improved much when both franchises have already traveled a long career, but that even so does not stop surprising us . Konami's work in this section shows that work can still be done on improving this section, which are usually in the background. Thus, PES 2013 will feature a greater variety of chants, screams and a variety of sounds from the stands, with a more dynamic air, as it will change with each event that takes place on the playing field or according to the point of attention of the match in every moment. In any case, the two games fulfill this section more than notably, althoughPES 2013 knows how to immerse us more in the stadium by taking advantage of this aspect of the game.

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Both games know how to offer an intuitive and precise gameplay for all types of player levels, without sacrificing the classic control of each one and offering simpler and even more intuitive systems. On the part of the EA game we have a control that, although sometimes it shows us almost simulated plays and that are more automatic than manual, we will usually see a much faster style of play , such as in passing , with the rest of the team ready or getting ready to receive the next pass and rehearsed plays or highly calculated team tactics carried out by all our players without any margin for error.

On the part of PES we have a more tactical style of play, with a style of play that allows us to think more deeply about the direction of the ball before deciding each pass or movement we make, but with a more manual and faster passing system, a Pleasure for those looking for realistic gameplay that Konami's game does quite well. In addition, PES 2013 brings great changes in this section, by offering new systems to control the ball and the non-active players of the team , which will now assist our selected player much better from the moment they take the ball.

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On this occasion, PES 2013 brings more changes than FIFA 13, after several installments with small innovations. Now it is the turn of Konami's game , which this time brings numerous improvements in artificial intelligence and its playability, especially in the control of the ball and the player. The use of the right trigger of our command is another novelty in the PES control system, which will allow us to order dribbles, prepare receptions or synchronize with the rest of the team in a joint play. The interesting thing about this new action is that it will be very dependent on the player's skill with the ball, an attribute that now takes on more relevance.

On the part of FIFA 13 we have small extras that bring reality to the game such as Football Club Match Day, an optional game utility that will allow both lineups and real world events to be imported almost in real time the game itself. Injuries, expulsions, transfers or the situation of the main leagues of this sport will be only a part of the events that our game will import from the world of current football to our game through the internet. The player impact system that FIFA 12 brought has been slightly improved and we will also see an improved dribbling system, among other things, but practically all the improvements are focused on improving the presenthow well it has worked for the saga in recent installments. In general, both games have provided different improvements and novelties in this new annual installment, although this time it was PES 2013 who has known how to take advantage of this section the most.

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Undoubtedly, both FIFA 13 and PES 2013 will offer the fun that everyone expects in a football game, although the number of game modes and multiplayer must be analyzed separately to determine which of them offers more variety. For several installments, both games offer "career" game modes, where we can create our own player (or select an existing one) and control him during his career as a player or coach, from the start of this season until the years that we want. In this case, FIFA has a more complete professional career mode, with a variety of feats to perform,that allow us to improve the different attributes of our player.

The difficulty curve for both games shows a clear difference: PES 2013 takes more time to master the ball than FIFA 13 . This does not mean that one game is simpler or more difficult than another, but it does mean that Konami's game will be a challenge from the first game we play , both for newcomers and for those more experienced in the genre who have not played before. PES . At the end of this difficulty curve, both games know how to put us to the test and only our mastery of the ball and our team will allow us to take the cup home.

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Once again the choice of the player will be difficult to have two very similar games but with small differences in graphics, gameplay and price. Either option will be a quality choice whether we are football fans or first-time football fans, and a few key points will make us decide between one game or the other. In this way, if we are looking for a more challenging gameplay and we do not need a graphic aspect to the last, PES 2013 will be the most favorable option, while if we are looking for realism and a frenetic game system, FIFA 13 will have everything we look for in a title of this genre. Both games bring us equally remarkable funand a full online mode full of players, although massive games are the specialty of Electronic Arts game .

According to the figures that have left the previous deliveries, FIFA 13 could once again take the first place in the genre, although with much less difference than its predecessors. The solid base of players of the game EA together with its mode online game of eleven players per team have made it a favorite among football games a few years ago, but PES 2013 is not far behind with its new improvements in control and gameplay , which do not represent a sacrifice for fans of the classic control of the Konami game and will be a new challenge for this game,that already had a very complete control system. The coming weeks will determine which game has managed to win over football fans, although we can assure you that, as every year, both titles will appear in the highest positions of the best-selling games in Spain.