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Article sponsored by Credexia.

Cards, loans, mortgages, accounts, bank deposits ... There are dozens of options when choosing any of these services. Precisely because of the offer of companies that currently exist in the market, choosing the best option can lead to some headaches due to the conditions associated with this type of product. Commissions, maintenance fees, guarantees and a long etcetera. Credexia, one of the most popular free comparators on the Internet, comes to solve our ballot and help us decide between all the available options.

This is Credexia, the most complete financial services comparator

Are you looking for a credit card without changing banks? Or a mini loan to open a small business? A fixed rate mortgage? Or maybe a paid checking account? Credexia allows us to choose from more than 15 types of financial products, including free credit cards, fast loans, installment loans, mixed mortgages, payroll accounts  and online deposits .

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Through a customizable comparator, Credexia compares products between 7 different financial entities. We are talking about entities such as EVO Banco, BBVA, ING Direct, Advanzia or Abanca . Starting from this premise, the operation of Credexia is really simple.

Within the website we will click on the product we want to contract: Cards, Loans, Accounts, Mortgages or Deposits. Among all the available products we can find different categories to further refine the search: Personal loans, Online accounts, Debit cards ...

To start comparing the different Credexia products, we just have to select one of the product options that the comparator shows us and click on the Add to comparator option . In this sense, we can add as many products as we want. Finally, we will access the comparator through the button that will appear at the bottom of the web.

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Now Credexia will show us a list with all the advantages and disadvantages associated with the products that we have previously selected. We will also be shown the associated free services, as well as the characteristics of the product in question (interest APR and TIN, renewal fee, first year fee, withdraw money from the ATM abroad, etc.).

Another tool that Credexia integrates in its web platform is the loan and mortgage calculator . This calculator allows us to configure different parameters of the products that we have just mentioned to show us the results that are most similar to the conditions that we have selected.

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If we want to find a loan that suits our needs, we can select  the loan amount, the repayment term, the opening commissions and the associated interest rates . If we opt for a mortgage, the Credexia calculator will allow us to configure parameters such as the price of the house, the requested amount, the interest rate, the repayment period, the incorporation expenses and the opening commissions.

Finally, the web has a small dictionary that answers several of the most used concepts in the world of financial products. Concepts such as BIC, balance, payment dation, mortgage amortization, Deposit Guarantee Funds, APR, TIN and a long etcetera. In short, an all in one. And free!