Movistar Go, television on demand for any screen

Movistar TV Go

Viewers no longer just want to watch their favorite shows on TV. They also want to be able to enjoy them anywhere, from their tablets and smartphones or from the screen of their laptop or desktop computer. The television networks, as well as the cable television providers know this, and therefore they have been engaged for some time in making available to their users everything they need so that they can enjoy their content whenever and wherever they want, as long as they have access to an internet connection . One of them is Movistar , which has just launched the Movistar Go platform , with which customers of its premium TV offerThey can access a selection of their best channels from any device that is connected to the Internet , such as a laptop, or a tablet or smartphone with the iOS or Android operating systems .

In the first phase of Movistar GO implementation, there will be thirteen television channels available. They are FOX , AXN , TNT , Calle 13 , Paramount Comedy , Cosmopolitan TV , Hollywood Channel , Nickelodeon , Disney Junior , National Geographic and Discovery . In addition, the platform gives access to two football channels :   Canal + Champions League and Canal + Liga.. Of course, it is a platform that can only be accessed if you have contracted Movistar TV .

Movistar Go also gives those who hire it access to the Movistar TV video library , and puts more than 300 films at their disposal. Among them are great Disney children's hits , such as Monsters , Toy Story or Chicken Little ; as well as various titles from Warner and Sony . The video library also has access to more than 100 seasons of various international television series , including Breaking Bad , Fringe and Ben 10 . The offer also includes Spanish series, such así Águila Roja and Gran Reserva .

Movistar TV Go

To activate access to Movistar Go, all you have to do is sign up on the Movistar TV website , or sign up for it by calling 1004 . Once the contract is made, the client receives an email message with the platform activation data. In case you want to access Movistar GO from a smartphone or tablet with Android or iOS operating system , it is necessary to download an app, called Movistar TV , from the App Store or Google Play , respectively.

For now, the Movistar TV Go platform is in the testing phase and will be free until next October . In that month the launch of its final version will take place, it is possible that its offer of channels and content will be expanded, and it will begin to charge for accessing it. It is not yet known for sure how much access to its channels and content will cost per month , although it is speculated with a price that could be between 2.5 euros per month and five euros per month.