How to follow Chinese Black Friday deals on Gearbest and Aliexpress


This year, the macro-event for shopping around the world,  Black Friday , once again competes with a special Chinese day: November 11. Large online stores such as AliExpress and  Gearbest prepare a large number of offers and promotions for that date, with reduced prices, discount coupons and mini-games to get extra benefits.

What is 11.11?

Like  Black Friday11.11 (November 11) is a special day in which many merchants launch significant discounts to encourage purchases by customers or users. Chinese November 11 has become increasingly popular in Spain thanks to online stores such as AliExpress or  Gearbest , which celebrate it every year and promote it well in advance "" sometimes, several weeks before "" to invite buyers to spend more amount on their pages.

Although not all the products for sale on these platforms are presented at a discount, the offers can be especially striking in technology products, and in case we want to purchase several low-priced products (key rings, toys or clothing, to mention an example ),  11.11 is a good time to save a few euros when buying everything we have on our wish list .

11.11 deals on AliExpress


The best way to take advantage of the November 11 offers in this Chinese macro-store is through the mobile application, which is available for Android and iOS . Many products offer additional discounts through mobile phones, and also a large part of the games to get coins "" that later translate into additional discounts "" are only available in the application.

After an initial phase of games to get coins, you can continue to access the coupon rounds from time to time, to get up to 9 discount coupons that you can later redeem for the purchase of certain products or in certain categories (for example, electronics) . You can get coupons until the 10th, and then redeem them on the 11th.

To find out which products will be on sale on November 11, all you have to do is consult the AliExpress homepage on your computer or in the app and navigate through the different categories to save products in the basket or on the wish list. If you prefer to use the search bar, you will see a new 11.11 filter appear in the list of results . Select it to see only products on sale.


Remember that for the discounts and prices of 11.11 to be applied, you will have to make payments on Friday 11th: neither before nor after.

Celebrate 11/11 on GearBest

Gearbest works very similar to  AliExpress  as of November 11th. By directly accessing the home page or the mobile application, you can enter a particularly striking section dedicated to the 11.11 shopping party.


There are many products on offer and in this section you will find exclusive offers for new buyers and exclusive offers for Gearbest customers  . You can also search by categories (electronics, toys, clothing, etc.), but, unlike  AliExpress , you will not be able to apply a special filter to the results if you use the search bar.

In  Gearbest  discounts are available from November 9 and you can also get extra discount coupons.

Advantages and disadvantages of this 11.11

The  AliExpress and Gearbest offers for this November 11 are very varied and can help you save money, but it is important to bear in mind that, on the occasion of this event, thousands of buyers from all over the world make their purchases on the same day. This means that some sellers can get overwhelmed to process orders and shipping times can be lengthened .

Fortunately, the two stores also have warehouses in Spain , so if you select products sent from a national warehouse, you will reduce the wait.