How to put subscript and superscript in Word

How to put subscript and superscript in Word

Superscripts and subscripts are very little used elements in the day to day, but they do have great utility in some sectors such as education or scientific work. These two elements are very common in all kinds of mathematical and chemical formulas, so it is very important that you know how to use them correctly. We explain how you can put subscripts and superscripts in Word in a very simple way.

What are superscripts and subscripts

A superscript is a character that is raised higher than some other character. This is something that can be very useful, such as expressing the surface of a building in square meters (m²). It is also very commonly used in chemistry, to express the oxidation state of a certain element (Na + 1).

As for subscripts, they are characters that are placed at a lower height than some other character. These elements are also widely used in chemistry, to express the formulas of some substances, such as water (H 2 O).

What are superscripts and subscripts

How to put superscripts and subscripts in Word.

After this brief introduction of what superscripts and subscripts are, we are going to see step by step how you can introduce them in your Microsoft Word word processor. It really is a very simple process, but there are many users who do not know it, so we have decided to create this little tutorial.

To put a superscript in Word, the first thing we have to do is write the word in the normal way, as if we were not going to put the superscript. Once you have finished writing it, select with your mouse the character that you want to put as superscript, and then press the combination of keys " Control and + ".

After we have learned how to subscript Word, we move on to see how to subscript it, a process that is just as simple.

This time we also have to write the word in a normal way as we have done before. After that, select the character you want to subscript with the mouse, and then press the key combination " CTRL, Shift and 0 ".

What are super and sub-indices 2

If these key combinations don't work on your PC, you can also use the Word toolbar.

superscripts and subscripts in word

This is how easy it is to put a superscript or subscript in Word, we hope you find it very useful.