5 apps to send and receive money from your mobile

Send and receive money

The way of paying and receiving money has changed, we no longer need to wait in long lines at ATMs or banks. Now with the mobile it is increasingly common to make all kinds of transfers and online payments . In order for you to do it in the safest, easiest and fastest way possible, we are going to recommend some of the best apps that offer you this possibility.

With your mobile, and of course, money in your account, you can already do tricks, and you do not need cash or credit cards to make payments in shops. And you don't need to go to the bank or go to the ATM every time you want to send money. Now there are many possibilities to do all kinds of transactions. It is clear that not all applications designed to offer this service are recommended, and each one of them has different characteristics and uses. These that we advise you to use are safe to send money and also serve to carry out other operations, we detail each of them so that you can choose the ones that best adapt to what you need in your day to day life.

Send and receive money with your mobile with these apps

1. Paypal

This is the platform par excellence for online payments, and one of the first to allow this service. It has its own application so that from your mobile you can make all the money movements you need. To send money to someone you just have to know their Paypal email, and in a matter of seconds they will receive it in their account. And do not worry about the currency, since it converts your currency to change in any other that you need to send money .

Once you have linked your bank account or credit card with Paypal, you will already have the possibility to make the payments you want , and also to receive them in your account to process the deposit at your bank whenever you want. When you request to withdraw money, it usually takes between one and two days to reach the bank account. Another advantage of this service is that it is one of the safest. Their dispute service allows you to make claims when you have not been satisfied with a purchase, and after an analysis if they consider that you are right they will refund your money.

Something that you are also interested to know is that the payments you make within the European Union are free and without commissions if you send the money as a friend or family member. These are just some of the features, once you install the Paypal app you will see all the possibilities it has.

2. See

It is a more specific app that allows payments between mobiles. It is designed to share expenses between friends, family, etc. For example, if we go on a trip with friends and we want to share common expenses and purchases. This app has the advantage of being free, easy to use and very useful for sending and receiving money through your mobile without any commission.

App Verse payments with the mobile

Other of its most notable advantages is that it can be used regardless of the bank with which you have your account. All your transfers and payments received are controlled at a glance . Verse is an application specially designed to send and receive money as many times as you want through your mobile safely.

3. Twyp

One of the great benefits of this application is that it has the backing of the famous financial institution ING Direct , this is something that already offers confidence and security. Twyp has many possibilities and advantages for anyone in Spain. It is very easy to send and receive money through the mobile with another person who has the application. The best of all is that no commission is paid and can be handled up to a limit of one thousand euros.

To use this service properly, what you have to do is link a bank account or card and make a surcharge of money , to have it available in our virtual wallet. It doesn't matter which bank you are from, and you don't even need to have a bank account.

4. TransferWise

If you have relatives or friends abroad, this is one of the most useful mobile money transfer applications in that regard. Your money converts it into any of the 28 currencies that allows the official exchange of the market . TransferWise is quite successful in helping students abroad, people traveling from one country to another, freelancers and doing business with foreigners.

This is undoubtedly one of the cheapest ways you will have to send money abroad quickly and safely. It is much cheaper than doing it through the bank , that is its greatest advantage.

5. Coinbase

This is a different app than the ones we have seen before. The main major currency on Coinbase is the famous cryptocurrency Bitcoin. It is a very effective app to save your cryptocurrencies and make exchanges with them through your mobile . It is also compatible with physical currencies such as the euro, the pound or the dollar. This app is mainly used to receive and send virtual currencies, and also pay with them through a Coinbase card that is used to buy goods and services through a VISA debit card.

To start using it, you only need to link your credit card or bank account with the application. It includes notifications to receive the latest financial news , and also informs you about how to better manage your portfolio. Every day you can see the evolution of your virtual currencies and the value of their assets. And of course it has high security controls, so that operating in this app does not suppose any type of risk. It does not matter if you have started in the world of cryptocurrencies, through its technical service you can solve any type of doubt in this regard.

These are some of the most successful applications to send and receive money from your mobile . They are free and allow you to operate in a simple way and in many cases without any type of commission. They are a very encouraging alternative to bank transfers, as they allow many more possibilities.