Fashion Icon, wear, buy, show off and flirt with this game for iPhone

fashion icon

Welcome to the superfluous, artificial and consumer world that we have created. That could undoubtedly be the phrase that best summarizes the French company Gameloft's Fashion Icon game , which has just arrived on the App Store , but we are sure that it would not be a good claim to generate a few downloads, so let's try another way. Welcome to the wonderful world of fashion , shopping in expensive and exclusive places, gossip, hilarious of society parties and the famoseo where you can rub shoulders with the crime of the crime of the most important characters  Paris .

Fashion Icon is a game specially created for them , an adventure in the complicated world of glamor and social relationships in which we will have to climb little by little to become considered and envied at the same time. Fashion Icon's approach places us in Paris, the city of light and elegance that we arrived at to revolutionize the world of fashion with our skills. If anyone begins to suspect what other social game this Fashion Icon may resemble , they are right, since the famous Sims, could be the clearest reference to know what we are talking about. Then we leave you with the direct link to the Apple applications bazaar where you can download the game for free for your iPhone , iPad and iPod Touch and with the official trailer that shows how it works.

fashion icon 01

In Fashion Icon we can develop ourselves for Paris with great freedom of movement . We must access the  most chic stores , and try on a thousand clothes until we find the right outfit that makes us feel "divine of death", and walk through the  23 locations available within the three areas : Quartier Latin, Avenue Montaigne and Le Marais. The customization possibilities of our protagonist go beyond the more than 1000 pieces of clothing available , since we can change the  hairstyle, hair color, skin or eyes to our liking. Fashion Iconoffers a micro-payment system with which we can acquire those irresistible objects for which we are willing to  offer real money.

Fashion Icon, wear, buy, show off and flirt with this game for iPhone 1

The development of our life in Paris will be full of mysteries, gossip, flirtations, scandals and the occasional fight to see who is the cutest in the neighborhood.  Getting contacts is essential, that is why we will have to go to the most exclusive parties in the city, where we may meet famous people (which has been created inspired by real life “celebrities”). Fashion Icon allows us to have a virtual blog that will be very useful to attract attention and attract visitors , also in this way it will be possible to get the necessary contacts. The game allows you to follow our friends' blogsand share all the achievements on Facebook . If you like the approach of this  Fashion Icon, we leave you with the direct link where you can download it directly to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Fashion Icon, free download from the App Store. (42.4 MB)