The Croods, download the latest game from the creators of Angry Birds for free

the croods

Today, “Los Croods”, the new Dreamworks animated film , which stars a fun prehistoric family , opens throughout Spain . As is usual with this type of production, the official game is already available for iPhone and Android and its development has been carried out by the Finnish company  Rovio . The creators of the famous Angry Birds have shown on other occasions that they know how to do more than just create flying birds, as we saw previously with the ingenious Amazing Alex or the always evil Bad Piggies.

The game has clearly been created for its rapid consumption and later oblivion , taking advantage of the current popularity of the film as usual. However, this does not mean that we are not going to have a good time building, hunting animals and living the day to day of a very particular family. Although The Croods can be downloaded for free , within the game we will find several optional payment elements that will make our lives easier, allowing us to advance much faster in the adventure. Then we leave you with the direct links to download The Croods from Google Play and theApp Store, although you can also access its download by searching for it in these bazaars from your own terminal.

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The Croods are a family that lives in prehistory. Unfortunately their happy and peaceful lives are going to be interrupted by an earthquake that will destroy their few possessions, including the cave in which they lived. From that moment on, there will be no choice but to  work hard to rebuild everything from scratch and start over. The game has many similarities with the movie, since it will allow us to interact and handle many of the characters that appear in it, such as the patriarch Crug or his evil mother-in-law Abu . The primary objective in The Croods will be to create a kind of virtual zoowhere to gather 10 fantastic creatures whose evolution has not been quite as expected.

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To achieve this we will have to build traps and special places to raise animals. As is usual in this type of game, we will begin by following the steps of a simple tutorial that will show us what the main buttons are for, although very soon we will be able to do and undo at our free will. Unfortunately, at the moment the game is  only in English , although its interface is so simple that you will not need to know the language to get rid of it without problem. Without further ado we leave you with the direct links to be able to download The Croods for free on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and on those terminals with Android operating system .

Free download The Croods for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Free download The Croods for Android.