How to share a company Twitter account with multiple users

twitter tweetdeck team

Manage a Twitter accountit's a complete job. And it is that being a community manager is not something simple. That is why, behind the account of a company or large brand on social networks such as Twitter, there is usually a team of people . It is then that the problems arise. Either to see who manages the account , who writes the messages, and how to be able to use the same account on another device to continue managing all this without wasting time entering user data and forcing the previous one to close their session. That is why Twitter has created a useful tool that allowsshare the same account among several users at the same time.

It's called Teams and it's a feature provided through TweetDeck , a tool created by Twitter itself . It is enough to access through the computer, in a specific Twitter account . When you log in, you access it in the normal way, as happens through Twitter's own website , but in TweetDeck . From here it is possible to write new messages, view direct messages, retweet, bookmark and all the classic functions, as well as other added ones such as message scheduling. However now there is a new option within the Account menu .


By clicking here it is possible to select the Team option . By doing so, the current user and administrator can add other accounts as collaborators . In this way, you give them the right to access their own Twitter account , without sharing the original password . Thus, it is possible that others can publish and carry out a delegated management of said Twitter account through TwetDeck , without the need for the administrator to have to transfer sensitive data of any kind.

The process is very simple. You just have to add the user account (@username) on the menu equipment and check the option Authorize . With this, when said user accesses through TweetDeck, they will receive a notification informing them that they have been invited to manage a Twitter account. If you accept, this account will be added to yours, and you can easily switch from the Accounts menu . Or even bringing several Timelines or walls to the screen to have both your account and that of the company you are going to manage active.

twitter tweetdeck team

Now, keep in mind that there are two types of roles in TweetDeck Teams . On the one hand, there is the administrator , who is a manager with full powers of the account . Thus, you can post, schedule tweets, add to lists, follow and unfollow accounts, and also add or remove other users from these Teams. You cannot change the password of the original account and are required to use these accounts from TweetDeck .

On the other hand are the collaborators . Their powers are limited to managing the account , allowing them to post, follow or unfollow users, etc. However, they do not have any power over computers, nor can they use this service from outside of TweetDeck.

With all this, Twitter offers a simple and secure way to manage the same account from different computers and with different users in charge . Something especially useful for large companies or those accounts that want to have a very active presence on the 140-character social network.