✅ My name Spotify, this would be your name based on what you hear

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My name Spotify , that's the name of the new Spotify tool that the company has just launched in Spain and the rest of the Spanish-speaking countries. The objective of minombrespotify.com whose motto reads "# MiraMamá, that's what I would call myself according to what I've heard so far this year" is to generate a proper name based on the songs and groups that we have heard on Spotify throughout 2019. As I did with Festify 2019 and Get Vocal, Europe! A few weeks ago, My name Spotify generated a playlist  with our favorite groups along with a series of songs and bands that Spotify considers of our interest to discover new artists.

# Look Mom, that's My name Spotify

The new Spotify page has a similar operation to that of other tools launched by the same company so far this year.

To create our custom name, the first thing we will have to do is access the My name Spotify website through this link. Since the website belongs to Spotify, we should not worry about the integrity of our account data .

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Once we have synchronized our Spotify account with the My Name website, the algorithm will generate a personalized own name based on what we have heard in 2019 in the form of an official document.

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In the event that we want to download the image or share it through the different social networks, we can click on any of the buttons that the page shows just below the document with our name.

Download the playlist of My Name Spotify

Beyond the anecdotal of the tool, My Name Spotify is capable of creating a personalized song list that mixes groups that we have previously heard with groups that the algorithm considers of interest to our Spotify user.

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Downloading the playlist in question is as simple as going down the page of the same name and clicking on the button Listen to it on Spotify . Spotify will automatically open with the personalized playlist in case we have the application installed on our device. Otherwise, the web player will open if our browser supports it.

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Once the playlist is open , we can follow or save it by clicking on the corresponding button through the Spotify application so that it is synchronized with all the devices that we have added to our Spotify account (phone, tablet, computer, etc.).