How to obtain the draft without the data in box 475 for the 2018 Income Statement

How to obtain the draft without the data in box 475 for the 2018 Income Statement

The campaign for the declaration of Income 2018 began on April 2. From that day until July 1, taxpayers will have time to report to the Tax Agency. The first thing we have to do to get to work with the paperwork is to check our tax data.

That is, the information that this body has about us and therefore, the data on which we must work during the verification process, incorporation of the necessary data, and so on. This is what we also call a 'draft'. 

To download this data, you will need to do so having previously identified yourself. A good option is to use the reference number. A kind of code that can be requested in three ways: with the information in box 475, with the Cl @ ve PIN or with the DNI or electronic certificate. 

income box 2018

Requesting the data without box 475 is possible

Taxpayers who decide to request the reference number through the data in box 475 will have to have the 2017 Income Statement at hand, because it is there, and specifically on page five, where that number is found. It happens that not everyone is so organized and sometimes many users do not save last year's declaration, neither on paper nor in PDF.

Without this code, it will be impossible for you to access the tax data for this year, nor logically, to download the returns from previous years. What can you do? Well, use either of the other two methods used to obtain tax data and operate through the Tax Agency portal .

key pin

Access tax data with the Cl @ ve Pin

You can access the system through the Cl @ ve Pin , but to get it you will have to do a series of steps. You have the option to activate this code through the Cl @ ve Pin mobile application, which is available for both iOS and Android.

Of course, to use it you will have to activate the DNI or NIE on the device, having previously activated the Cl @ ve system. You can do it from the headquarters of the Tax Agency or in person, in an office. Days after completing the application, you will receive a code at home, which will help you start the identification system.

When you have the application installed and you have signed up, you will no longer need to activate it. From there, you can request the Cl @ ve PIN as many times as you need it. Of course, keep in mind that you can use the PIN code for ten minutes after obtaining it.

Then, with the code in your hand, you will have to access the application of the Tax Agency for Income or the web, and then give the option to Consult your tax data. Logically, you will have to choose the Cl @ ve PIN to obtain the reference and select Cl @ ve PIN .

electronic certificate

Access tax data with electronic certificate

Another way to access the system, view tax data and do all the procedures for Income 2018 is through the electronic certificate. In this case you will also have to carry out a series of preparations. The first thing will be to obtain an electronic certificate in software support, which you can request at the National Currency and Stamp Factory . You will have to do the following:

1. Request the certificate through the internet . You can do so by accessing this page: //

2. Next, you will have to prove your identity in a registry office that has been designated by the certifying authority.

3. As soon as you have it, you must download the certificate through the website of the National Currency and Stamp Factory .

4. Finally, you must make a backup copy of the electronic certificate . From there, you will have the possibility of accessing all the procedures for the 2018 Income declaration.