How to configure and use the fingerprint reader of the ZTE Blade V7 Lite

zte blade v7 lite 01

The ZTE Blade V7 and its Lite version were presented at the same time at the beginning of the year, with some differences between the two models, but one of the main ones was the inclusion of a fingerprint sensor in the ZTE Blade V7 Lite . In this article we are going to explain how to configure it , and what actions you can carry out with it.

The first thing you have to do is locate it, it is on the back of the device , just below the camera lens. You can access any finger, but it is recommended to not try it with the index , is the most comfortable and least it affects the grip of the phone. Once this is clear, we go to the configuration.

zte blade v7 lite footprint 01

In the main menu we have an icon called Fingerprint . We press it, and we enter a configuration menu. The first thing we have to do is tap on the fingerprint symbol . Once there, the program will ask us to register the fingerprint. The way to do this is to press your finger on the sensor , so that all sides are covered. Every time the sensor has registered a sector of your fingerprint, it will vibrate . This means that you must separate the finger and reposition it , this time pressing in a different area (the side, the top, etc.) The footprint will be completed in red as we register the marks. When it's complete, the application will warn you. You can register more tracks if you wish. Once the fingerprint is registered, we have a series of options  available that allow us to make the most of the sensor  .

zte blade v7 lite

Screen unlock

The most common option to use for the fingerprint reader is to unlock the screen without using a password. Ironically, this type of use requires a prior registration of the lock password , in case the sensor stops working , or if it does not recognize the fingerprint in three attempts . After confirming the password, the system gives us two options , that of using the fingerprint sensor to unlock the lock menu , the most common, and a second option that allows using the sensor to turn on the phone when the screen is off, and also unlock it. This second option has the counterpart that requires the sensor is active even when the phone is idle, which considerably increases the drain on the battery of the phone.

zte blade v7 lite sensor 03

Unlocking apps

In the " Encrypted applications " section, we will be able to select specific applications that have an extra security component and require unlocking using the fingerprint. We can choose from all that we have available , and there is no limit to add. The unlocking process is easy, with a simple touch , if you want to go back.

zte blade v7 lite sensor

One-touch actions

In the option " One touch " we can enable the fingerprint to open a specific application while the phone is unlocked, and we can choose any of those that we have downloaded. If we choose, for example, Contacts , every time we unlock the screen with our fingerprint, the phone will enter that application directly .

zte blade v7 lite footprint 34

Smart footprint

The " Smart fingerprint " option allows us to perform actions outside of unlocking, taking advantage of the fingerprint sensor recognition speed. We have the option of using it to return to the previous screen , simply by tapping the sensor. Another option is to use the sensor as a button to capture photos, once the camera application is open, of course. We can also use the fingerprint to activate the flashlight when the screen is off or locked. The way to do this is by keeping your finger pressing on the sensor , until it turns on. The negative part of this option is that it requires having the screen unlock deactivated, since the action carried out is the same for both functions. One more possibility is to be able to take a screenshot by giving two taps on the sensor when we need it, a very useful and fast option .

There are a series of actions that we can perform (if previously activated) by sliding the finger up or down on the fingerprint sensor . They are song change (although it requires deactivating the screen unlock option), going from page to in an ebook and  expanding or collapsing the status bar.

zte blade v7 lite protected files

Protected files

Finally, we have the option to shield our files by  requiring a fingerprint to open them. The files that can be protected are essentially all , images, music, videos, applications, documents, contacts and even SMS messages .

As we can see, the ZTE Blade V7 Lite not only includes the fingerprint sensor, but it also makes the most of its possibilities , allowing us to quickly take photos or screenshots, adjust volumes or turn pages, shield files or turn on the flashlight . We hope that this simple tutorial has helped you learn more about one of the most useful features of your ZTE Blade V7 Lite .