MYHIXEL, Spanish technology to prevent premature ejaculation

MYHIXEL, Spanish technology to prevent premature ejaculation

Did you know that one in three men suffer from premature ejaculation in Spain? After erection problems, this is the most common male sexual dysfunction in our country. The worst thing is that affected men do not usually go to the specialist. Only 25% recognize the problem and go to the consultation to solve it. 

Now the Sevillian startup MYHIXEL has developed a system called MYHIXEL TR, which is based on a scientifically proven method, with which it is intended to improve the quality of sexual relations through the control of ejaculation.

The system is based on research carried out by the Miguel Hernández public university and the ISM clinical sexology center. Furthermore, the device and ejaculation control techniques have already been tested by a total of 500 male volunteers. But how exactly does this invention work? Most importantly, to what extent can you help men improve their sex lives? 


MYHIXEL, an exercise system to control ejaculation

The data that is handled is certainly worrying. According to the Spanish Demographic Study on Premature Ejaculation (DEEP) confirms that 43% of men have difficulties to control ejaculation. Scientists agree, on the other hand, that a satisfying sex life is closely related to a good level of self-esteem , relationships and even professional development.

MYHIXEL TR combines two elements. On the one hand there is the stimulation device, which can be used individually or in pairs. On the other, there is an application called MYHIXEL Play that is installed on the mobile and that offers the user a personalized exercise program. Something like a game, with a series of challenges, to help you meet your objectives. And therefore, substantially improve your premature ejaculation problems.

The stimulation device offers a realistic penetration experience , thanks to its morphology and materials. The fact that the device maintains a temperature similar to that of the human body and vibrations for therapeutic purposes also helps, to assist in the treatment.

As the user performs the exercises, the results are incorporated into the application. In this way, and like the applications that are dedicated to monitoring the health and sports performance of users, the progress and goals achieved are being recorded on the phone .

And does it really work?

MYHIXEL has a team of sexologists working on the project. The methodology has been tested in more than 500 men and in the last clinical trial, carried out in 2018, 56 volunteers participated in the training program. The company claims that they all managed to triple the duration of their sexual relations .

One of the great advantages of this system is, in addition, that you do not need pills or creams. In other words, in the end, the problem can be resolved naturally and through a targeted training system.


How to get MYHIXEL

For the moment, MYHIXEL is available through Kickstarter, a place where it seeks user support. In this first phase, the stock is limited: there are 200 units. And at the time of writing this post, there were 136 left. The fact is that from 120 euros you can get the device and participate in the training program.

With this campaign, users who are encouraged to sponsor the project will get the device with a 35% discount and free shipping costs.