Tips for using multi desktop in Windows 10

Multiple or virtual desktops have been running on Linux and macOS for a long time, but now Windows 10 users can enjoy this great tool too. If you do not know what this is about, or you do not think it is something too useful, you should know that it is a function that can be taken advantage of incredible. For example, you can have a desk exclusively for work, and another with games and leisure applications. Here are some tips and tricks to discover the Windows 10 multi-desktop utility.

Almost everything we do at the end of the day involves using the computer. Work, leisure and even housework. And sometimes we have so many things open that it is difficult for us to find what we were doing if we change windows. Or we get distracted with enormous ease during work hours. Well, virtual desktops allow us to create different independent workspaces. Each one will have its applications and files, and we can switch between them very easily.

How to use Windows 10 virtual desktops

To start using the multiple desktop, the first thing to do is create one. Press the Task View button on the taskbar and click on New Desktop . You can also access the Task View with the Windows + Tab combination . It is also possible to open a new desktop immediately using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + Windows + D .

Tips for Multiple Desktops Windows 10 - Task View Button

If you want to delete or close virtual desktops, there are several ways to do it. We can open the Task View and press the X button on the desktop that we want to delete. The CTRL + Windows + F4 combination eliminates the desktop we are currently on . The applications that we have open on the deleted desktop will not close, but will go to the previous desktop in the list. In this way, accidental interruption of any task is prevented.

How to organize between different virtual desktops

Each desk works separately. When you open a new virtual desktop, it will be as if we had turned on the computer for the first time. To switch between desktops, we open the Task View and choose the desk we want with the mouse. Similarly, the shortcut CTRL + Windows + Left / Right allows us to switch between virtual desktops quickly.

What if we make a mess with so many windows? There is nothing to fear. Just by hovering the mouse over the desktops within the Task View, the applications that we have open will be previewed.

Tips for Multiple Desktops Windows 10 - Preview Task View

With the multiple desk created, we can organize and compartmentalize our work. If we wish, we can move applications from one desktop to another. We open the Task View and drag the window we want to the corresponding desktop with the mouse. Another way to change site applications is to right-click on one of the programs, choose Move to, and select the destination desktop.

Windows 10 Multiple Desktops Tips - Move Apps

Tips and Tricks When Using Multi Desktop

1) Organize virtual desktops by functions

It's obvious advice, but it doesn't hurt to mention it. The best reason to use virtual desktops is to avoid distractions and organize work. Multiply your productivity by creating a desktop for your professional programs, another for music and another for the blogs and social networks that you visit frequently.

2) Use the laptop pad

Almost all laptops have Precision Touchpad technology, so take advantage of multitouch gestures. In addition to the shortcut CTRL + Windows + Left / Right , we can switch between desktops with a touch or slide with several fingers . To verify that you have a precision touch panel, right-click on the Windows icon and select Devices . There, go to Touch Panel , and configure the gestures of two and three fingers to your liking.

Tips for Windows 10 Multiple Desktops - Multitouch

3) Assign a wallpaper to each desktop

No matter how organized we are, we can end up getting involved with so much multitasking. An effective way to know which desktop we are working on is to use a specific wallpaper for each one . Thus, with a simple glance we will know where we are. Windows 10 does not have a utility to set a wallpaper on each virtual desktop. Luckily, there is a free application called VirtualDesktop that allows us to do so. The program does not need any installation. Just download and use it at our discretion.

Tips for Windows 10 Multiple Desktops - Assign Wallpapers

4) Show all apps on the taskbar

The Windows 10 Multi Desktop is meant to compartmentalize work. Because of this, the programs open on each desktop will be displayed on its own taskbar. But it may be the case that we want to see all the applications from all the desktops in the taskbar. To modify the settings in this regard, we have to right click on the Windows button and open the Settings. Next, we select System> Multitasking> Virtual desktops . Finally, we choose the option we want from the drop-down menu.

Tips for Windows 10 Multiple Desktops - Taskbar Apps

5) Open the same application on all desktops

If we need an application open on all desktops, we can open multiple windows of it. We press SHIFT at the same time that we click on the application window in the task bar. Next, we will move each window to its corresponding virtual desktop from the Task View.

In the case of Office, it is possible to have the same document open on all desktops. This function is activated by clicking the New window button , within the View tab .

Tips for Windows 10 Multiple Desktops - Same Office Document

Than? Do you dare to use Windows 10 virtual desktops? You may not find them too attractive a priori, but trust us. They are a very useful tool to optimize your time and save yourself headaches. Tell us about your experiences in the comments!