This is the Ecovacs Winbot 850 window cleaning robot

There are not only automatic robots capable of sweeping and mopping the floors of the house. The Ecovacs brand also has devices focused on cleaning windows and glass surfaces. No matter their size , shape or even if they have frames , the Winbot 850 robot takes care of cleaning them in the best possible way without having to pay attention to their operation. Completely autonomously .

It is a robot that is responsible for removing water and dirt from the windows and for rinsing them and leaving them really clean . All this in a square body that fits all types of windows thanks to its suction force . And it is that its motor sucks to create the vacuum effect and allow it to move safely across the surface without rushing to the ground. It does not matter if it is a tinted glass or even a screen without frames . The robot has sensors to detect the end of the surface and stay safe while it performs its task.

At the bottom there is a square of microfiber cloth where you have to spray the cleaner that comes with the Winbot 850 in the box. Two rubber scrapers also help with the cleaning task. After that, just activate the motor with the lower red button and place it on the surface. Once here, the Play / Pause button on its handle starts it up.

The robot is automatic and autonomous . It is responsible for carrying out a recognition path to see if the window is vertical or horizontal , in addition to its size. With this he draws a plan of movement in Z or N , according to the proportions. Then cleaning begins. Of course, if there is any stain that should be reviewed or an area that has not been clean, it is possible to use the remote control to manually control the robot on the glass.

As safety, the Winbot 850 has a 600 mAh battery that gives it 15 minutes of autonomy in case the power is cut for any reason. Along with this, a suction cup secures the device to the window so that it does not fall to the ground.

The Ecovacs Winbot 850 is available on the market for a price of 380 euros .

ecovacs winbot 850