How to know who can see my profile on Facebook

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Are you one of those who still do not have very controlled the privacy of your profile on Facebook ? Well, at this point, as you will understand, it is time for you to apply the story of reviewing who can see your data. Do not forget that Facebook is a company whose purpose is to connect as many people as possible . This means that by default - and as we have already indicated on other occasions - user profiles on Facebook are exposed to public light by default, unless the Internet user in question dedicates himself to restricting this possibility through the configuration of your privacy profile . The truth is that this management is not an easy thingSo that many users take it for impossible or simply postpone the decision to leave their publications, photographs and opinions out of his innermost fence . Big mistake. Below we explain how you can know who and how your profile is being viewed on Facebook .

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1) Access your social profile on Facebook by entering your username (email) and password . Once inside, click on the "Privacy settings" section , located at the top right of the page.

2) To control the information that is lavished through your Facebook profile , you will have to take some steps through different menu options . The first step is to restrict the default privacy. Our recommendation is that you choose the "Custom" option to select who you want to have access to the status updates and photos that you post on your profile or biography. You can also choose which contacts you don't want to see anything you post.

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3) Finally, you will have to access the "How do you connect" section , within the same page, to choose who can (and who cannot) search your biography by name or contact information . In this same section, you have the option to choose who can send you friend requests or private messages, as well as publish in your biography or see the publications of others . You can change these options through the tab that you will find on the right side of the menu.

The truth is that setting up Facebook privacy can become a daunting task, especially if you intended to do it quickly. Trying to hide your data as much as possible - at least from strangers - is increasingly complicated , since the different options are scattered in very different sections within the privacy settings page .