Rojadirecta is definitively sentenced to closure

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It has been condemned again. The Commercial Court No. 1 of A Coruña has just communicated the resolution that condemns the company Puerto 80 Projects SLU , the owner of Rojadirecta , to close all the domains that are associated with it, after Movistar + , the old Canal + , report it. The portal, which was dedicated to offering streaming football matches, will have to immediately cease its activity, although the truth is that after the imposition of precautionary measures  by the first sentence that was issued last November, the company no longer offered any type of content of these characteristics. Also, Igor Seoane, owner of Rojadirecta , will have to compensate Movistar + with an amount that has not yet been determined, but which promises to be large. Not in vain, the companies affected by the activity of Rojadirecta affirm that the portal generated patrimonial damages of 500 million euros a year .

The sentence comes a few months after Seoane took the first ax blow for the lawsuit that Mediapro also filed  and in which he was also accused of violating intellectual property rights  with the broadcast of unauthorized football matches.

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It is the second sentence that convicts Rojadirecta in a few months. The first came in November 2016, when the Mercantile Court No. 2 of A Coruña sentenced Rojadirecta to immediately cease the broadcasting of football matches in streaming through its website. Before the justice had already requested precautionary measures, so that the broadcasts of parties had already stopped taking place, both at the request of Mediapro and DTS , which had denounced an activity that they labeled as illegal. Now everything is ratified through the Movistar + sentence , although DTS still has a pending case with Seoane, denounced as criminal, which could even face a prison sentence. Rojadirecta's defense argued in its allegations that the links to watch the matches were uploaded by the users themselves , but the judge has rejected this reason. Now Igor Seoane still has to know what compensation he will have to pay to the complaining companies, but everything indicates that this will be a millionaire.

Behind Igor Seoane's business was a pyramid scheme that brought him profits of several million euros. Not in vain, in his arrest, accounts with more than 11 million were blocked , which will now surely be used to pay the large fine that he will have to face. The operation against the Seoane plot began in September 2015 and at the end of 2016 , ended with the arrest of the leader of Rojadirecta and five more people who collaborated with him from different parts of Spain . The arrest of this man occurred at the end of a statement for which he had been summoned in the court of A Coruña, when a police officer approached him and whispered in his ear that there were two ways to handle this matter “with discretion or with scandal”. And just like that, the man was arrested. Now he faces the payment of millionaire fines and what is worse, a new life, without football and behind bars.