How to configure your car with Android Auto before going on vacation

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Holidays yes, holidays no. With the arrival of the summer period, there are many who decide to go on vacation in their own personal vehicle. Thanks to intelligent voice assistants, driving has become a much more comfortable and safer task than before. Now it is possible to access a multitude of car functions through simple voice commands. In this regard, Android Auto is one of the most advanced systems that we can currently find on the market. But like any system that boasts, Android Auto requires a previous configuration to leave all the ends tied and focus only on the road. This time we have gathered several methods to configure the car with Android Auto before going on vacation.

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Launch Android Auto automatically every time you ride in the car

Today Android Auto can be used in two different formats, through the phone screen or through the car screen itself. If our vehicle lacks this screen but has a Bluetooth connection to synchronize the audio, we can start the application automatically every time we ride in the car. Yes, you read it right.

How to configure your car with Android Auto before going on vacation 1

Within Settings we will go to the Automatic Start section. Then, we will enable the Automatic Start option. As an additional point, we can activate the Device Detection option in the pocket to prevent the application from starting accidentally. In both cases we will have to keep the Bluetooth connection active to make the two options work.

Set up your vacation routes with Waze

When we talk about GPS applications, Google Maps always comes to mind. In fact, it is the application that the assistant recommends us to use in Android Auto. Despite this, Waze is a much more interesting alternative if we are going to program a route to go on vacation. First, because it allows us to see the price of the closest gas stations . And second, because of the radar warnings that the application integrates.

How to configure your car with Android Auto before going on vacation 2

Regarding this last function, Waze allows us to configure different warning options. For example, we can mark that the application warns us when we exceed the maximum speed of the road with a nearby radar . We can also opt for the traditional notification system, with notices set by the application itself.

How to configure your car with Android Auto before going on vacation 3

Although its greatest advantage is the user community that it has. This system allows us to obtain warnings on the road in real time (mobile radars, accidents, retentions for works ...), not to mention the ability of the application to recalculate routes based on the parameters just mentioned .

Inside the city use Google Maps

By the very nature of the application, Google Maps is a much more intelligent and complete option within the city. The reason serves practical reasons, since it draws on all the information that Google provides, information related to restaurants, hotels, monuments, shops and countless places within the city itself.

It is true that Waze allows us to obtain all this data in a relatively simple way. The advantage of Google Maps is that it allows us to know associated data such as the opening and closing times, the peak hours, the score of the premises and the comments of the customers themselves. To this we must add the integration with Google Street View, thanks to which we can obtain a 360º image of the destinations to which we are going to move.

If you are going to listen to music without spending data, use VLC

There is no other application that allows us to have a more exact control of the reproduction than VLC. Not only does it support any type of video and sound format, it is also compatible with Android Auto. What does this mean? That we can handle the music locally at our whim through voice commands .

Another option is to download offline lists from Spotify to avoid consuming data . Unfortunately, this feature is limited to paid subscriptions on the platform. Therefore, the best option is always a local music player - and free -.

  • Download VLC for Android

And if you prefer podcasts and audiobooks ...

For the reproduction of podcasts and audiobooks we can choose different applications. In the first case, Pocket Casts is one of the best options currently on the market. To listen to audiobooks, we can always opt for applications like Audiolibre, the largest platform for smartphones.

  • Download Pocket Casts for Android
  • Download Audible for Android

Set up automatic responses before going on vacation

Android Auto has a curious function that allows us to create automatic responses to answer notifications from applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram. The process is really simple.

How to configure your car with Android Auto before going on vacation 4

Within the Android Auto Settings we will go to the Messages section and then to the Automatic response option. Now we will only have to write the answer that we want the application to send to our contacts in case of receiving a notification from some of the applications mentioned above.

And hide the content of messages from notifications

Did you know that Android Auto allows us to hide the content of the notifications we receive from other applications? So is. We can do it from the same Messages section mentioned above, more specifically in the options of Always see messages, Show message notifications and Show group notifications. It is enough to uncheck each one of these options to hide the content of the messages, as we can see in the image below.

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