Where can I buy online so I don't leave home?


The fact that before they brought our purchases home, seen from the perspective of the times in which we live, was a kind of whim. Going down to the supermarket to walk the aisles full of products was a very unappetizing excursion. But the truth is that with the current restrictions, that weekly outing now seems like an adventure . And it is.

You have to keep eating. Keep drinking. Showering Cleaning. So you have to keep making the purchase. Going down to the supermarket is one of the few things we can do today, apart from working on something essential or going to the pharmacy to get medicines. Although 63% of citizens affirm that they still do not make food purchases online, in recent weeks 16% say they have bought more online .

And it is not necessary to resort to surveys to verify it. Whatever the supermarket you go to, you will see that the delivery times of the products have been extended to at least one week. Some chains have chosen to reinforce their logistics services, but the truth is that, despite this, there is still a queue to get the cart home. Even some websites have ended up falling before the influx of Internet users in search of the latest pack of beers.

You haven't tried it yet? If you do not want to put your feet on the street during the days of confinement, you can make an online purchase. Today we want to help you find all the supermarkets that offer it and we will update the status of the queues in each of them. In this way, you can make a forecast of everything you need and, according to the deadlines, make the purchase in one place or another.

Cheer up! The race in the online super is not being easy in times of confinement.


Mercadona: home deliveries in Barcelona and Valencia

To date, and before the abnormal state of alarm, Mercadona offered shipments to all parts of Spain. Not so today. The Juan Roig chain has lowered the blind on home delivery throughout the country, with the exception of Barcelona and Valencia . If you live in one of these two cities, you are in luck, because the distribution continues from seven in the morning to ten at night.

And why only here? As Mercadona has explained, it is only in Barcelona and Valencia where they have large-capacity warehouses. It is what they call hives and they are prepared to supply the online purchase . In the rest of cities and towns, those who want to buy at Mercadona will have to do so physically, taking due precautions, and from nine in the morning to seven in the afternoon. The carts are disinfected and access to the store is staggered . You can also clean your hands with disinfectant gel, if you need it, both when entering and leaving.


Carrefour: purchases limited to people over 70

Another supermarket that continues to offer online shopping is Carrefour . However, you must bear in mind that this chain no longer delivered to all populations. We tell you if you live in a town or rural area. For the rest, we update you with the news for online shopping during confinement.

You should know that people over 65 have a preference to make purchases, both online and physically. Telephone purchases are also accepted, for everything other than food. All you have to do is check the number of your closest Carrefour.

When you go shopping, you will realize that Carrefour is prioritizing purchases for older people . If you are not older than 70, he will invite you out of the store. If you cannot wait, they will offer you a pack with basic products that will be delivered in 48-72 hours: individual (35 euros), couple (50 euros), family (75 euros). They contain milk, legumes, tomato, bread, etc.

The system will tell you when you can start shopping, due to high demand . He has given us a period of more than an hour. Delivery times range from 4 to 7 days.


Ulabox: surcharges of more than 16 euros on certain products

Ulabox was at the time a pioneering and not very profitable service . Now it is necessary for many who do not want to go down and expose themselves to making a physical purchase. We tried to make the purchase today, but the delivery time is also one week. Major downsides? One that has left us speechless. And it is that they can charge you up to 16.90 euros to send water, milk, soft drinks or beer.

We have verified that this is an extra cost that can disappear when you expand your cart to other products. Be that as it may, be very careful. It is not going to be that in the end the purchase will come out of the blue. In any case, and even if you manage to make the order you need, it is most likely that the purchase will take at least a week to arrive.

UPDATE: Since the night of April 2, Ulabox has posted a note on its website stating that orders will not be accepted until April 8. It seems that they are expanding the capacity of their warehouses and they need a few days to start them up, so if you need something urgent, for now you will have to opt for another online supermarket or to make the physical purchase with due precautions.


Day: home delivery through Glovo

Dia has grown up in the face of adversity and has hired more than 1,000 people to work in its supermarkets. They wanted to strengthen online shopping. Thus, although this chain does not reach all the towns in Spain, it does offer home deliveries in the main cities . In fact, in recent days, Dia has announced a collaboration agreement with Glovo, with which it also converts eight stores into order preparation and dispatch platforms. This will be the case in five stores in Madrid, one in Seville, Cádiz and Malaga, which will be exclusively dedicated to preparing online purchases.

Orders made through this service with Glovo can be made from 9:30 to 18:30. A delivery person will bring the purchase to your home. Another interesting option is to order online and collect in store. You should check what is offered in your area in order to have the purchase as soon as possible. Delays may occur.

To field

Alcampo: queues to buy online

Queuing to buy online is something we have never seen before, but it is already happening. We have verified that this is the case when shopping at Carrefour (a supermarket that also suggests online shopping only for people over 70) and also at Alcampo .

By accessing Alcampo online this afternoon we have been able to verify that we had up to 8,000 people waiting and a waiting period of 23 minutes . It is the only way these establishments have to guarantee the shopping experience and to be able to assume a reasonable volume of orders. Delivery times are also lengthened, being able to reach, at least, a week.


Lidl: to buy food, to the physical store

Before the COVID-19 crisis broke into our lives, Lidl already offered home delivery on certain products and online shopping deliveries in some areas. Shipments are normally made for products that are not strictly food and are on promotion. The arrival date of the package is purely indicative, so do not expect to have it at home tomorrow. If you want to make a food purchase you will have to go to a physical establishment.


Eroski: check delivery availability before buying

Eroski offers online deliveries, but recommends, first of all, check availability. The huge volume of online purchases has ended up saturating the service, so it is very likely that they will not be able to deliver the purchase to you for a week or two. Delivery is not made in all points of Spain, so depending on your postal code, you should check if availability is offered or not.

Most likely, you will find most of the full stripes , but at some point some space available may jump and they can deliver you more quickly. We recommend that you review this carefully in case there is a possibility that the purchase will be delivered to you earlier.


Caprabo: delivery times that exceed a week

Although Caprabo and Eroski are merged, in Catalonia many stores are still Caprabo, so it is necessary to access the specific online store of this chain. What happens in this case is that online purchases have also skyrocketed, so it is difficult to get a delivery date in the same week that the order is placed.

The available bands are very limited, so you have to make the purchase well in advance. In addition, in order not to saturate the service, Caprabo does not open delivery availability until a week before. This implies having to be very attentive to the moment in which you can choose the purchase and the delivery day . It's complicated. As if this were not enough, at certain times the servers are very saturated and the page goes down all the time. Shopping here can become a truly impossible mission.

save more

SaveMore: direct to physical purchase

You do not have to break your horns in finding the possibility of buying at AhorraMás. You should know that this supermarket store did not offer online shopping before, so now you will not be able to get it either. The only thing you can do, with all caution, is to go to a physical supermarket and there make the purchase taking all possible precautions.

The capacity in stores is limited and employees are duly protected. It is important that you comply with the security regulations, specified on their website.

orchard planet

Planeta Huerto: ecological purchase

Are you more of a healthy product? An interesting option, if you prefer to make a purchase of organic products , is to connect to Planeta Huerto. You already know that these types of foods are more expensive, but you may get the purchase a little faster. At this time, the store has restricted some products, so that at this time only the most basic or essential can be purchased.

Best of all, you have interesting offers and discounts, so it's worth taking advantage of. Before making the purchase, be sure to check how long you will receive it. Although there will surely be some delays, you will most likely not have to wait as many days as in most supermarkets. The estimated delivery is between 48 and 96 hours.