How to edit or change the photos of your video summary of Facebook 2018


Like every year, Facebook launches what the social network calls "summary video of the year." In this, the company owned by Mark Zuckerberg makes a compilation of all our best moments with our publications shared throughout 2018. Precisely this morning we have already seen how to make the video summary of Facebook 2018 through the respective article in Your Expert. But what if we want to edit or change the photos of the video in question once we have created it? Luckily, both the website and the application for Android and iOS allow us to edit the video, and this time we will teach you how to do it easily through Facebook .

How to edit and change Facebook 2018 summary video photos on computer

If we decide to edit the Facebook summary video from the computer, the process is extremely simple. The first thing we should do is go to the main Facebook page with our username and password. When we are inside the wall, we will see something similar to this:

video summary facebook 2018 5-min

To change the photos of the video in question, we will click on the Edit button within the video already created by Facebook and a screen like the one we can see below this paragraph will appear. In the event that the video does not appear, we can click on this link to directly access the editor.

video summary facebook 2018 4-min

Now all we have to do is select the different photos of our profile to add them to the summary video . If the ones in our gallery convince us, we can always upload any photo from the computer through the Add photo button. We can also cut them from the web editor itself in case we want to adjust the margins of a certain photograph and even add photographs of our friends.

video summary facebook 2018 3-min

Once we have the edition ready, we can click on the Share button to publish the summary on our wall.

How to edit and change the photos of the video summary of Facebook 2018 on mobile with the application

In the case that we have a mobile with Android or iOS, the steps to follow are practically identical to those we have just explained in the web version.

To do this, and once we are inside the application, we will click on the video that is shown at the beginning of our wall; specifically in the Edit button .

video summary facebook 2018 56-min

The interface that will open to us this time will be similar to the one we have seen in the previous process:

video summary facebook 2018-min

The next step to add, delete or edit photos is the same as in the web version. We will have to select the photographs that we want to add both from our wall and from our friends . In the same way as on the page, we can also upload images from the mobile gallery itself in case we don't like them.

video summary facebook 2018 2-min

When we have finished editing the video, we will click on the Share button and now, the 2018 Facebook summary video will be shared to all our contacts.