Xiaomi Mi A3: this is what it costs to change your screen


Xiaomi's Mi A3 has become one of Amazon's best-selling phones in just over half a year. The reason for this is neither more nor less than its price. In fact, today it is possible to buy the phone in stores like Amazon or AliExpress for less than 170 euros. On the other side of the coin we find the repair price of the terminal. Due to the design of the device and the OLED screen that it integrates, the total cost of changing the screen of the Xiaomi Mi A3 exceeds in some cases the total cost of the device . How much does it really cost to repair the phone screen? We see it below.

Changing the screen of the Mi A3 is more expensive than buying a new one

That's right, at least through third-party stores. Today Xiaomi does not have its own technical service in Spain, but we are forced to turn to Anovo, the only company authorized by the Chinese firm . It is also the only company that uses original Xiaomi components: any store outside of Anovo will use compatible components.

repair screen xiaomi mi a3 price 2020

Unfortunately, Anovo does not make public the repair price of any of the terminals with which it operates. In any case, we can always go to the official page to request a phone review.

  • Access the Anovo website

If we choose to repair the Xiaomi Mi A3 in third-party stores, the price is not far from the original price of the phone. In iRepairPhone, for example, the price is 145 euros with a 6-month warranty included. Mundodelmovil, another store based in Madrid, offers this same service for 150 euros . MediaElectrónica is the cheapest store, with a repair price of only 139 euros .

How much does it cost to repair the Xiaomi Mi A3 screen by myself?

Another cheaper and more viable option if we compare it with the repair price in stores is based on carrying out the repair ourselves with compatible components, which is not the same as original components . Generally, these types of components tend to vary in the final quality of the part, although they should not interfere with the general operation of the phone. Let's see some of the options that we can find on eBay and AliExpress.


  • Option 1 : 81 euros
  • Option 2 : 81 euros
  • Option 3 : 81 euros


  • Option 1 : 47 euros
  • Option 2 : 60 euros
  • Option 3 : 53 euros