Minecraft can now be played on the Nintendo 3DS

Minecraft can now be played on the Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo has officially announced the release of the classic Minecraft game for the Nintendo 3DS. The game will be available from today on the Nintendo 3DS eShop .

The company hopes to fulfill a request that players have been asking for a long time. And it is not at all strange: the Minecraft video game has become one of the greatest hits of all time and can be found on all types of platforms.

The classic Minecraft video game can now be enjoyed on Nintendo 3DS consoles

The Nintendo 3DS version of the Minecraft video game will be on sale from today on the eShop platform, the online store for Nintendo's 3DS. In addition, the company has confirmed that it will later launch the physical version in a cartridge and that it will be available in video game stores and department stores.

Minecraft game for 3DS will offer creative mode and survival mode. In addition, serial bring five packs of skins and two packs of textures .

The launch was made possible thanks to a collaboration between Nintendo and Microsoft , the company that owns the rights to Minecraft.

Minecraft is available on all types of platforms and consoles

Since its first market launch, Minecraft has aroused passions among players around the world. The video game officially went on sale in 2009 , and the full version arrived at the end of 2011.

Since then it has spread to more and more platforms, and in 2014 Microsoft acquired Minecraft for 2.5 billion dollars (about 2.1 billion euros).

In recent months, the brand has surprised its fans with the launch of its own Marketplace, where players can sell their own creations .

As of today, Minecraft is available for the following platforms and consoles : XBox 360, Xbox One, Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Raspberry Pi, Sony Xperia Play, Wii U and Nintendo Switch.

minecraft gear vr

There is even a special version for virtual reality, Minecraft Gear VR, available for users of Samsung Gear VR glasses .

To this long list is added, from today, the Nintendo 3DS system.