Samsung ES8000, in-depth analysis

samsung es8000

Family members ES8000 of Samsung are probably the connected TV Smart TV most advanced to date. These devices are capable of offering a total entertainment experience, which goes far beyond mere television. They include a very complete connectivity, which has little to do with the old televisions that were only used to watch TV or enjoy videos. They have more and more points in common with computers. They will not be left behind, because the manufacturer will periodically introduce new firmware updates.

On the other hand, it will be the user himself who can expand the capabilities of the equipment by simply installing new applications . The comparison with the use of a desktop computer is actually unfair, because common monitors on the market do not usually allow images to be viewed on screens with diagonals ranging from 40 to 75 inches and with a Full HD resolution (1080p).

samsung es8000

Design and display

These televisions are very thin; they are barely three centimeters thick . They represent a step further, almost definitive, in the progressive reduction of the frame that we have observed in the televisions of the Korean manufacturer during the last years. Now the frame is reduced to a very thin metal edge located around the panel. It is an ultra-thin design that receives the name of One Design, and which successfully combines the best finishes. The screen can be hung on the wall with a VESA mount, but those who prefer to place it on the table, can use the metal base that comes standard, very solid, and with a minimalist and elegant appearance.

This new family is available with diagonals of 40, 46, 50, 55, 60 and 75 inches. To display the images, Samsung has opted for an Ultra Clear LCD panel , with Full HD resolution (1,920 by 1,080 pixels), which works with extraordinary ease with three-dimensional images , although it is necessary to use active glasses. Two 3D glasses come with every TV. Contrast reproduction capacity is very high. remember that the screen lighting is LED Ultimate Micro Dimming . This technology divides the screen into very small areas, and can turn on, turn off and regulate the lighting of the LEDs located in each of them independently. To achieve this it is necessary that the motorimage is very powerful.

The imaging algorithms are also state-of-the-art, increasing brightness by up to 20 percent. The screen refresh rate can reach 800 Hz , which is very useful when it comes to reproducing normal images, but even more so when it comes to three-dimensional video, which is presented without flicker, with very high definition and with fluid movements in all image planes. Who does not have content in three dimensions, can activate the converter from 2D to 3D . Color reproduction is specially treated to make it saturated and vivid, yet natural.

samsung es8000


As expected, the sound is not as spectacular as the image. It is supported by full-range speakers located at the bottom of the television pointing downward. If it were somewhat thicker screens, this could help the sound to have a little more projection, but Samsung has preferred to play in this case the trump card of the design and the thinness of the screen, with which within the structure there is hardly any room to develop the sound well. This does not mean that you need to connect your home theater equipment to watch a newscast or a desktop program. For normal listening, the two 10 watt channels of the are more than sufficient. It is only necessary to turn to the home cinema when looking for something more showy.

An automatic volume leveler prevents scares when ads come in suddenly. Otherwise, the Samsung ES8000 series are well equipped with audio technologies. It has filters that allow three-dimensional sound to be emulated, and it can also decode Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Pulse . For other types of sources, they incorporate SRS TheatreSound technology. As an extra they have a DTS 2.0+ digital output.

samsung es8000


The traditional TV has died to be replaced by smart machines like the ES8000 series. They are televisions that will not be outdated, because the manufacturer is going to release an Evolution Kit annually until 2016, which includes the latest advances in software and serves to add performance improvements. The televisions are equipped with a dual-core processor , fast and so capable that it can have up to a dozen applications open simultaneously. These televisions are worth much more than television shows. They make video conferencing easy for friends and family. That's why it has two small microphones and a camera on the frame, and Skype is installed as standard.

Users can expand the capabilities of the television thanks to the more than 1,400 existing applications for Smart TV models . Entering the Internet via Wi-Fi to download any of them is simple child's play. Of course, the design team has had the wisdom to make usability as easy as possible. The user interface is very intuitive and icon-based.

As if this were not enough, it is also capable of recognizing faces and voices . With the voice it is possible to raise and lower the volume and even perform searches in the web browser. Even easier, users of this new family of televisions can control some functions by movements.

samsung es8000


The connectivity is one of the most complete on the market. The image benefits from three latest generation HDMI inputs (version 1.4). This means that HDMI includes an audio return channel, making it much easier to bring the sound from your TV to your home theater. At the very least, we save a cable. In addition to that, these televisions are equipped with three USB 2.0 ports . They can reproduce photos, video, music, but also record television programs. Wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi is built into the device; no need to buy additional adapters. And those who prefer a wired connection can use the Ethernet port .

Not only can they access all the services and applications available online through the manufacturer's Smart TV platform . In addition, they can play streaming multimedia content from any computer or hard drive connected to the home network. With the relevant applications they can even play Internet radio. Navigation is very simple, and managing email and social networks becomes a new experience thanks to the size of the screen diagonals. The manufacturer even offers applicationsspecific for children and to preserve family memories and some content on the Internet. Finally, the Korean brand is aware that in many homes there are still analog image equipment, and that is why it completes the digital connectivity of these televisions with a good assortment of analog audio and video inputs.

Data sheet

PanelUltra clear


Micro Dimming Ultimate

Screen Diagonals40 inch

46 inches

50 inch

55 inch

60 inch

75 inches

ResolutionFull HD (19.20 x 1,080 pixels)
3DActive shutter glasses
Soda800 Hz Clear Motion Rate
Sound3D Sound

Dolby Digital Plus

Dolby Pulse

SRS TheaterSound

DTS 2.0+

2 x 10 W

Connections3 HDMI 1.4

Component video


Composite video

Optical audio output


3 USB 2.0



Dimensions and weight

(46 inch model)

1,038.7 x 614.7 x 30.8 mm

12 kg

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