▷ My Fit does not register steps, activity or sleep: the definitive solution

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For a couple of weeks, the Mi Fit application has been presenting a multitude of problems when recording physical activity, sleep and the steps of the Xiaomi smart bracelet. Almost a hundred users have reported in one of our articles that the application is not able to synchronize the data with the Mi Band. And it is that although the bracelet registers them correctly, My Fit does not get to store them in its records. Several of the affected users have proposed a solution in the article linked above that seems to give a truce to the Mi Fit sync problem. The way to proceed is very simple.

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The solution to the Mi Fit synchronization problems with the Mi Band

The method proposed by some users consists of closing the active session of the Mi Fit account and logging in again with the same credentials, that is, with the same username and password .

Automatically bracelet sync with your phone and record sleep data, steps, heart rate and physical activity generally stored in memory. As simple as that.

And if the above does not work ...

In case the above has not worked for us, we will have to use the latest version of Mi Fit. The best way to download the latest update of the application is to go to the APK Mirror website, a portal that collects all the APK files of the applications with the greatest presence in the Google store for Android. As of this writing, the latest version of Mi Fit is 4.2.0 .

  • Download app in APK Mirror

Once we have downloaded the application on our mobile, we will have to provide the necessary permissions to Google Chrome to install applications from sources other than the Google store. Then, we will log in with our Xiaomi username and password or with the account that we have previously configured.

During this process it is likely that we will receive some type of firmware update notice on the bracelet. It is recommended to update to the latest firmware version to fix any possible errors with Mi Fit and third-party services.

My Fit does not record steps, activity or sleep: the definitive solution 1

From this point on, any problems syncing the bracelet with the Mi Fit should be completely gone  . In the event that the synchronization problems persist, the last solution is to remove the bracelet from Mi Fit and add it again through the application options.

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To delete the Mi Fit bracelet, we will click on the device name in the Profile tab and we will scroll to the last option, which coincides with the Unlink option. Now we just have to add it again through the same Profile tab. With this method we will also be able to force the update of the Mi Band to the latest available firmware, if any.

Use an alternative application in the absence of an official solution

To this day, Xiaomi has not presented an official solution for the Mi Fit synchronization problems. In the event that none of the methods proposed above works for us, we will have to resort yes or yes to a third-party application that manages the data of the bracelet independently.

My Fit does not record steps, activity or sleep: the definitive solution 2

There are dozens of applications in the Google store. We leave you below with several tools:

  • Tools & Mi Band
  • Master for Mi Band
  • Notify and Fitness
  • Mi Bandage for Mi Band and Amazfit