We tell you all the news that FIFA 19 incorporates

These are the news of FIFA 19

FIFA 19 will hit stores on September 29, but some insiders have already been able to play a few games. For a few weeks we already knew that EA had obtained the license of the Champios League. So FIFA 19 will feature, for the first time, the most important European competition. The Europa League will also be available. But now we have more details on the gameplay. New forms of control, movements, tactical systems and much more. We are going to review the news that we already know about FIFA 19 .

New Features Affecting Gameplay

Most FIFA 18 players complained that the gameplay had not changed much. Users have also complained about some specific details, such as the ease of scoring goals or the monotony of some plays. So EA had a tough job ahead of it to improve a lot in this regard.

And, according to those who have tried it, they have managed to reverse the situation. Some well-known FIFA Youtubers have not hesitated to rate FIFA 19 as the most spectacular and fun in terms of playability . But what has changed?

Active touch system

Of the new features, perhaps the most striking is the new " Active Touch System ". It is a new way of receiving, hitting and moving with the ball. It conveys greater naturalness and fluidity, allowing greater control. In other words, players who master this functionality will be able to do a lot of tricks, touches, controls and feints on the field.

For example, if we hit the right joystick 3 times to receive an aerial ball we will do a chest check . If we hit it twice we will control with the knee. And if we give it once we will raise the ball. Added to this are many new ways to control the ball, such as the "concealed touch" or new animations.

This new control system, which can also be managed by the user, makes FIFA 19 much more spectacular when it comes to playing.

Precise definitions

Another of the great novelties of FIFA 19 regarding the game mechanics are the " Precise Definitions ". It is a totally new system that will allow us to convert all shots into first-rate shots with just a well-timed touch of the button. As the name suggests, choosing the right moment will be vital to mastering this feature.

On the one hand, we will have the basic process to shoot, which does not change compared to FIFA 18. But we will also have the possibility of getting more powerful and precise shots by tapping the shoot button a second time after the first . The challenge, of course, will be to find the perfect moment for that second touch. If done too early or too late, it could even damage the shot.

The FIFA Trainer will help us to master this technique at first . If we have it on, we will see a colored bar above the player's head with indicators. For the second touch to be perfect, we will have to do it when the indicators are in the central green area. If we get the precise definition successfully, the Trainer will warn us with a message on the bar: "At the right time!".

what's new in FIFA 19 Precise shooting

Once the technique is mastered, we can deactivate the Trainer so that neither the bar nor the message appears. However, we will know if we have achieved a precise definition, since the player's indicator triangle will light green.

The precise definitions can be used in any type of shot that is made with the ball in play, be it a header, a volley, a quality shot or even a Chilean. But, of course, the more difficult the shot we want to take, the easier it will be to miss.

Dynamic tactics

We will not only have new functionalities during the action. If we play at a competitive level, the tactics system is really important. With FIFA 19 we will have greater control over the tactics of our team thanks to dynamic tactics . These provide superior and more advanced control over our team's tactics before and during matches.

In FIFA 19 we can create several game plans to alternate during matches . This will avoid having to constantly open the pause menu when we want our team to change the way we play. In addition, we will have greater tactical customization through a series of meters that will allow us to adjust the different aspects of our offensive and defensive approaches. On consoles, these game plans are mapped to the crosshead, directional buttons, or directional pad so that we can quickly switch between them during matches.

According to EA, in FIFA 19 the entire tactics system has been revised to make team settings more important . Players will now put our approach to tactics into practice much more clearly.

what's new in FIFA 19 Dynamic Tactics

For example, if we choose a tactic to have possession, the players will support the teammate with the ball and position themselves in a way that we can secure the pass. But, if we choose a tactic to play fast, the players will travel the field at a faster speed and will make races to try to find the uncheck.

The possibility of sending the entire team to pressure the rival is also incorporated . This will allow breaking the systems of the players who play to "dizzy" the ball. We can even determine how many players come up to finish off a corner. Thus, our ability to identify the opponent's way of playing will become very important. If our level as a coach is high, we can react quickly and change to the best tactic with just a flick of the finger.

Battles 50/50

Not much has been said about this feature yet, but we already know something. In split balls, user reactions and player attributes will determine who gets control of the ball. Improvements to teammate intelligence and spatial vision have been added . Thus, duels for possession become very important.

On a practical level, this means that when we receive a tackle from a defender and lose the ball, the striker will try to recover the ball , he will not stare at how it has been taken away. Although it may seem like a minor novelty, during games it becomes very important.

European competitions

As we mentioned at the beginning, EA has obtained the rights to the most important European competitions. Thus, in FIFA 19 we can play both the Champions League and the Europe League .

The game will include all the animation of these two competitions . Also the presentation of official matches, the different tournament experiences and even a new team of commentators.

For the rest, in terms of game modes and FIFA Ultimate Team, at the moment the news has not been published. If we know that FIFA 19 will close the adventure of Alex Hunter . An adventure that began in FIFA 17 and that hooked many players.

Surely between now and the end of September we will get to know new features of the game. And it is very likely that at the beginning of next month we will have the demo of the game available . We are eager to try all your news.