The Win key, that great unknown

The Win key, that great unknown 3It's in the lower left corner of your keyboard, next to the Ctrl key. On many occasions it is decorated with the Windows icon; other times, it just says Win.

Many think that this key only serves to advertise a little to Microsoft and / or to open the Start menu. Well, they are wrong: it has other interesting uses.

There are a number of keyboard shortcuts (for Windows, yes) that are based on this key. Here is a list of the most common ones.

Win + R brings up the Run Window (to open documents directly by typing their name).

Win + M minimizes all windows.

Win + Shift (that arrow pointing up) + M maximizes all windows.

Win + D shows the desktop (much like Win + M)

Win + E opens Windows Explorer, starting from My Computer.

Win + F opens the window to search for files or folders.

Win + Pause (next to Print Screen) opens the System Properties window.

As you may have seen, the key is basically used to do things with windows, hence its name ( windows is window in English). Following that logic, how will you make a screen impression of what is inside a window?

The Win key, that great unknown 3Well, pressing Alt + Print Screen . A shortcut that should correspond to the unfortunate Win key, marginalized by the oblivion of many users, the very poor one. With this post we break a spear for her, and we encourage everyone to use it.

PS: For Linux users, we started a campaign for keyboard manufacturers to also put a key with a penguin 😉