How to check online if I have any debt with the Treasury or Social Security

How to check online if I have any debt with the Treasury or Social Security

Having debts with the Treasury or with Social Security is not a dish of good taste for anyone . In fact, anything that has to do with unpaid debts is always bad news. But the best thing is always to be well forewarned.

Well, communications with the Treasury or Social Security are not always as agile as we would like. Although there are services that have improved, a large part of the notifications we receive on our mobile, either through a text message (SMS) or through the application, are somewhat ambiguous. And in fact, in many cases you can go months and months without receiving any response about a VAT inspection, your return of income or any other pending issue you have with Social Security.

Luckily, the administration has enabled an online consultation system in which to consult any questions related to your debts , either with the Treasury or with Social Security. The most advantageous of all this (despite the debt) is that we are facing an online service, so that you will not have to queue, or physically go to the nearest headquarters, or make a prior appointment and have it for you. give in two months.

Check debts with Social Security

Check debts with Social Security

Have you contracted any debt with Social Security? Do you want to check how much you have to pay and when will you have to pay the following installments? If this is your case, you just have to follow these instructions:

1. Access the electronic headquarters of the Social Security. From here you can view all debts or settlements pending payment with Social Security. You can also get a payment receipt with the account number of the financial institution to which you will have to deposit the money, if you want to pay the debt before the stipulated term .

The first thing to keep in mind is that this is a service aimed at individuals with a Social Security affiliation number (NAF) and legal persons with a contribution account code (CCC). In addition, they will only be able to access the service with a digital certificate, with a username and password (permanent Cl @ ve) or with Cl @ ve.

2. The next step will be to click on any of the three available systems and enter the required codes. From there, users will directly visualize which are the debts or pending settlements with Social Security.

3. Once identified, the user will have access to the consultation and visualization of the debts pending payment with the Social Security . In the event that you want to obtain a payment receipt to make the deposit effective, you can also get it from here. With this document, the payment can be made at an automatic teller machine, at the counter, by transfer or through the Social Security Debt Card Payment service.

4. It is also possible to select the settlements or debts to include in the payment receipt, through certain filters. And you can download the receipt to save in PDF or to print.

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Check debts with the Tax Agency

If you want to check if you have debts with the Treasury, you can also do so through its electronic headquarters.

1. Access the Electronic Headquarters of the Tax Agency, in the Outstanding Procedures and Check Debts section . You will have to have an electronic certificate (digital signature) or be registered in the Cl @ ve PIN system.

2. Once inside, you will have to choose the access system and enter the NIF . From there you will access the following information: settlement key, tax object, total and pending amount, period and situation in which the debt is found.

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3. If you want to pay off the debt, you should know that from here you can obtain a payment letter , the amount of which you can pay in the same way as debts with Social Security.