AirPods or AirPods Pro, is it worth the difference?

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After several months of rumors and leaks of all kinds, Apple has just made it official: the AirPods Pro are official, and can be purchased from October 30. Its price, as expected, raises the bet of the bitten apple above $ 240, a price that despite being high is not far from the price of the last AirPods 2 launched by those of Cupertino. In this scenario, the question is obliged: is it worth paying the difference of AirPods Pro compared to traditional AirPods? We see it.

Sound: noise cancellation and in-ear  format compared to conventional headphones

Finally, Apple has integrated what the company has been demanding from the first generation of true wireless headphones . We are talking about noise cancellation, which in the case of the new AirPods Pro combines an active cancellation system with the in-ear format of the headphones to isolate the ambient noise that the microphone picks up. For this reason, the design of the AirPods Pro thickens its thickness in the part of the capsule that contains the H10 chip integrated in the new generation of headphones.

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If we move to the traditional AirPods, the design is much lighter compared to its bigger brothers. To be more exact, the AirPods 2 reduce its weight and width by 1.4 grams and 0.8 centimeters. At the cost of this we do not find any type of noise cancellation, although its format makes it much more comfortable for most ears .

Boosted volume and different sound modes

The second novelty related to the sound of the AirPods Pro has to do with the amplifier integrated in the chassis (the main reason for its larger size), which promises a much higher volume and sound quality than the previous generation.

To this is added the addition of an ambient sound mode that will transmit the sound picked up by the noise cancellation microphones to listen to what surrounds us, whether it is a spoken conversation or the rude environment itself.

Lower battery life at the expense of noise cancellation

According to data provided by Apple, the new headphones for professionals have up to 4.5 hours of autonomy without the charging case with the active noise cancellation system. If we choose to deactivate this function, the autonomy will be the same as the current generation: up to 5 hours.

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In both cases, the case is capable of providing up to 24 hours of autonomy and 18 hours of active conversation .

Interaction gestures now expand

Another novelty that comes with the new Apple AirPods Pro is based on the greater integration with gestures through the surface of the headset. Until now, the number of gestures was limited to changing songs or picking up calls with two taps . The rest of the actions were limited to the Siri assistant.

With the new generation of headphones Apple includes up to four different gestures : one touch to play or stop songs and answer calls, two touches to change songs, three touches to go back to the previous song and a long press to switch between noise cancellation and ambient sound.

Water and sweat protection - now certified

Since the first generation AirPods came out, much has been said about their possible resistance to water and sweat. Apple finally certifies the AirPods Pro with an IPX4 level of protection, resistant, in theory, to drops of sweat and splashes .

In this case, it is not compatible with immersion in water for long periods of time. Needless to say, breakage due to moisture and oxidation does not fall within the warranty conditions.

Price: is it really worth it?

100 euros is the difference in price (179 euros compared to 279 euros for the Pro model) that we will find in Spain between one model and another. Is it worth spending such a different? If we take into account that the AirPods 2 with a wireless charging box start at 229 euros, the answer is clear: they are worth it .

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In the current market, however, we find the Sony WF-1000XM3, headphones that also have noise cancellation and that start from 245 euros . The most important thing in this regard is whether we prioritize syncing with iOS or pure sound quality.