Pa Negre, how to watch Pa Negre online legally


Pa Negre , or Pan Negro , was the winner of the last Goya awards , confirming itself as the best film that our cinema gave last year . Logically, that has made it easier for the film to be replenished in cinemas, and also, with almost three times the distribution than in the first screenings (40 copies compared to the 105 copies added to the screens this weekend ). But the cinema will not be the only place where you can see Pa Negre .

Would you like to see it at your home ? Maybe from your computer screen ? We are not inviting you to download it for free in an “unauthorized” way, but to do so from the proposal provided by Filmin. This web portal , an initiative of members of the DVD distributor Cameo , will include the Goya winner in its online movie catalog , and it will do so for a price below what you would have to pay in cinemas: three euros . It will be from next February 23 when the alternative arrives on the Filmin website .


For those who do not know, Filmin is a platform dedicated to independent cinema that for four years has been presenting itself as an alternative for those who want to watch movies online . It is a service that works in two ways: either by monthly subscription of ten euros , or by renting the tapes that interest us. In the latter case, we would have to pay between one and three euros for the right to see the movie we want within 72 hours .

As we told one of its leaders, Juan Carlos Tous , Filmin already has a catalog of some 600 films , all composed of works of the so - called independent cinema . It is not by chance that it is this type of cinema: the particular interest of those in charge of Filmin for this category of films is joined by the difficulties that, according to Tous pointed out, exist on the part of the majors (the producers and distributors of the works large budget) when providing rights for the exploitation of third parties.