Sparta: War of Empires, a strategy and construction game for the browser

Sparta: War of Empires

I must admit that I am one of those Age of Empires fans , I would be lying if I said that I have not spent hours and hours playing. It helps that many years ago I worked in a cyber café and we killed the idle hours playing all we could at that game.

Well, in a time marked by the infinity of games that we have at our fingertips, from PCs, to consoles, through mobile phones and tablets, a great option emerges such as Sparta: War of Empires . It is a free game that we can enjoy from our browser.

This Plarium MMO game allows us to choose between several options, from playing with other users, facing them or collaborating, to starting from scratch and embarking on a solo career. All this is put on a platter by the game Sparta: War of Empires.

A great option for those nostalgic for the Age of Empires

Once we enter the game, we move to Greece , specifically to the 5th century BC And as soon as we start playing, it will be Leonidas himself who will explain the ins and outs of the game to us. Yes, the protagonist of 300 will guide us to give us a quick explanation of everything we have on screen. And is that anything goes to stop King Xerxes.

This is how we will be an Archon , a leader of a city that we must make prosper. And, as they tell us in the first minutes of the game, we have settled down . It is time to start creating a farm , then build more buildings, recruit soldiers, maintain good relations with other cities, create trade agreements and, how could it be otherwise, prevent the Persians from invading us.

As we said before, the first part of the tutorial is to create a farm. And it is that we will need three basic resources: grain, bronze and wood . This is how we will have our farms, sawmills, forges and barns. The former will give us grain, and the more we have, the more we will generate.

Sparta: War of Empires

After this, we will have to get into the matter and start creating our infantry camp. And it is that everything we believe will need the three basic resources that we talked about before. The grain as cost of maintenance, wood for our both buildings create and improve - and the bronze for military units.

Little by little we will build various buildings that will be unlocked as the game progresses, such as temples or academies. Every building also unlocks new units to recruit. All this happens by reaching agreements with historic cities , and to reach these agreements we have to spend resources. So our city has to generate them to be able to reach higher levels.

And it is that as we play they will give us challenges and missions , which give us more resources and gold. At the beginning, we will have to create the buildings that mark our game -logically, from the lowest to the highest-, but little by little the bar rises by making us face the evil invaders, asking us to go to loot a city and get more deals .

All this will be very interesting when we have to go to war. Here allies will be key to success. By joining with more people we can expand our management map of Greece. And this is when we can use our spies, offer some interesting alliance and even betray them. All our decisions will define us as ruler.

In short, Sparta: War of Empires is a very interesting game that we can also enjoy in perfect Spanish. A totally free and highly addictive game, which also has the option to play against our friends. So if you are passionate about strategy, you definitely have to try and let Leonidas guide you through the game.

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