Tricks to improve the GPS signal on an Android phone

How to improve the GPS signal of an Android phone

Many of us decided long ago not to invest in a GPS navigator. For what, if the one that comes with our Android phone, also known as Maps, is enough for us. Although, to tell the truth, there are times when it is not as fine as we would like. We get in the car, we start it and it is difficult for him to catch the signal. We are on our way to our destination and the connection is lost. Come on, it is necessary, sometimes, to use some tricks to improve the GPS.

If you have any of these bugs and drawbacks, you need to apply one of the tricks that we are going to show you below. Third-party applications that you can find in the application store and that are completely safe and risk-free for your terminal. We begin.


start fixing

It is an application that fixes in a matter of seconds any GPS signal that is not stable in your terminal. Just download it for free, install it and it will automatically start fixing the GPS signal. The application will show you a map of your area and the legend "start fixing". When the complete process has finished, the mobile will send you a vibration signal. Then try connecting again. You will see how your problem was solved immediately.

GPS Status & Toolbox

One of the most complete applications to manage our GPS. With GPS Status & Toolbox. You can get it for free, but also in the Pro version. When you launch the application, it shows you the GPS and sensor data and, at the same time, improves connection speed and accuracy. In addition, the application comes standard with a real compass with which you will never lose the north.

magnetic compass

To correctly read this compass, we must bear in mind that the outer circle is the horizon and the central point, where we are at this moment. A very practical utility if we are fans, for example, hiking or taking excursions through the countryside.

GPS Test

  • An application that you can get for free, although with ads. GPS test offers a very colorful and easy-to-read interface, even for novices. You just have to open it and it will begin to locate the satellites to which you can connect and correct, immediately, any errors you have in your compass. In addition, it contains other very interesting services:
  • The first screen shows all the satellites to which you are connected , as well as their intensity and precision.
  • A compass allows you to observe the location of satellites in the sky using radar.
  • A world map with the day and night time zones using curves.
  • A magnetic compass.

satellites connected

  • Sunrise and sunset times
  • GPS and local time
  • In addition, it has pro functionalities, such as saving locations and an integrated browser : But if you only need it to locate yourself well, the free mode will perfectly suit your needs.

How to calibrate the internal compass of Android phone

Open the Google Maps application and look at the beam of light that follows our location point. When you see it, look at its extension. The wider that beam of light, the less accurate the GPS will be. To correct the error, you only have to make a movement of 8 with the mobile in the air , without turning off the screen and with the Google Maps application on. This will correct the GPS and the precision with which it marks the point will improve.

We also recommend that you always open the GPS while outdoors . If you see that when you leave the house it does not position you correctly, turn it off and turn it on again. The GPS will automatically reconnect, this time yes, in an optimal way.

Configure ”High precision”

Enter the phone's settings menu, and look under "Personal", "Location". Make sure you have it connected before using any of the previous applications that we have discussed. Just below, check the "High Accuracy" option to ensure a good GPS connection.