These are the Facebook games that a company has paid 234 million for

facebook games

An American video game company has sharpened its eyes to the extreme of crossing the great pond, arriving in Barcelona, and buying a Catalan company of only 8 years old , also dedicated to the development of games, mainly for Facebook. The Catalan company is Social Point, founded by two computer engineers, now CEOs of the company, and has been bought by Take-Two Interactive Software. The sum has risen to 250 million dollars, more or less 235 million euros , divided into 175 million in cash and, the rest, in company shares.

Social Point: vision of the future

facebook games

It was 2008. Two computer engineers, Andrés Bou and Horacio Martos , decide to create a video game company that would end up looking at giants like Zynga, the creators of the well-known Farmville, face to face. Only three years after its creation, Social Point was already a leader in Spain in the sector. His biggest hit to date is the game Social Empires, a strategy adventure based on the medieval world.

It was during college when they realized the enormous potential of video games accessible from social networks. And they have been completely right: as of this year, Social Point already belongs to one of the most important video game companies in the world.

Games developed by Social Point

facebook games

Surely more than once you have connected, via Facebook, with some of the games of this couple of Catalan computer scientists, without knowing their origin. These are some of his most famous games and for which an American company has paid more than 200 million dollars.

  • Social Park: Do you want to feel what the owner of an amusement park feels? Well, with Social Park you have it at your fingertips just by entering through Facebook. You can organize food stalls, attractions, and park visitors will be your own friends from the social network. This game disappeared in 2012.
  • Social Empires: We have already told you about this game that consists of ruling and managing an authentic medieval empire. A strategy game that was one of the greatest successes of the Catalan company.
  • Social Wars: With the same premise as Social Empires but managing modern armies.
  • Dragon City : one of the greatest successes of the company So c ial Point, coming into the list of most popular games on Facebook in the United States during the year 2014. Dragon City will manage a real city of dragons, training them from that hatch until they are adults.
  • Monster Legends: with this game they climbed the ranks among the most popular in the United States. It is practically a carbon copy of Dragon City, but with monsters instead of dragons.

Also, about three years ago the versions of Dragon City and Monster Legends appeared for mobile , two options long awaited by their fans. The next two years are expected to be exciting for this startup that started from scratch and is now poised to take over the Facebook gaming market .