How to avoid installing malicious applications that sneak into the Google Play Store

How to avoid installing malicious applications that sneak into the Google Play Store

We have always recommended you to be very careful when installing applications on your devices. In fact, one of the most widespread tips is not to download apps outside of official stores . However, we have already seen too many times that Google is not always able to control the entry of viruses or malware into its official application store.

Without going any further, today we told you that up to eight applications related to Minecraft had to be removed, which infected devices with botnets capable of causing real havoc . But they have not been the only ones. In August, Google removed a whopping 500 malicious apps. And it did the same in September, with 50 apps that bypassed the protection of the Google Play Store not once, but twice.

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Not even in the Play Store are we safe from malicious applications?

Obviously not. Although the Google Play Store is the safest place to download applications , keep in mind that Android is the most used operating system at the moment. And because of this, it has become one of the great targets of cybercriminals. In the last year, the number of threats has increased by 40%.

This same summer, Google added a security plus to our application system . We refer to Google Play Protect, a system that is responsible for scanning all the applications and downloads that you have made on your mobile. And it does so periodically, even indicating the last hour in which the analysis was carried out. But that, and Google's controls, may not be enough.

Today we give you five recommendations to avoid falling into the trap of malicious applications that sneak into the Google Play Store.

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1. Do not fill your mobile with nonsense applications

Are you one of those who install all kinds of applications on your mobile? Well be careful. It would be interesting if you did not overload your device  with all kinds of applications. In addition to meaninglessly filling your phone's memory, you will give any cybercriminal many more opportunities to sneak into your device.

Install only the applications you need and analyze very well what you are going to install. And what can you do without. The tips that we provide below will help you be more cautious when deciding what to download and what not .

2. Find out who the app developer is

You have to pay attention to that in a mandatory way. Make sure the game or app you are downloading was created by a reputable developer or studio . Check who are its creators and managers. And make the queries that you consider necessary, even outside the Google Play Store. If you can't find any data or heads visible, you'd better forget about that app. Or that you look for an alternative with a good backup.

3. Read and contrast user opinions

The next step will be to read the opinions that users leave about the application. If you see bad reviews or indications, by users, that the app or the game has strange behavior, it is better that you do not carry out the download.

4. Make sure it has a lot of criticism

If you are thinking of downloading an application, the most logical thing is that before getting down to work, take a look at the reviews. Another issue that should make you distrust is the fact that the application has no opinions. Or that it has very few. This could indicate that we are facing a purely instrumental application , with the purpose of catching unsuspecting users.

If you came across something strange, it would be interesting if you reported your experience to Google itself. If you detect any type of scam, you can directly contact @policia or @guardiacivil so they can spread the word . And warn other users.

5. Have a good antivirus

We have recommended it to you on many occasions. At this point, it would be interesting if you had a good antivirus solution installed on your Android mobile . You can choose the proposal that you like the most, but G DATA has complete and cheap antivirus to give you security and protection for a year (16 euros) or even two (24 euros), being able to choose whether to apply it from a mobile up to five at a time.