IKEA launches the new 2019 catalog, how to download it

IKEA launches the new 2019 catalog, how to download it

If you are one of those who are not scared by the plan of going to IKEA and also enjoy it, tomorrow can be a fantastic day for you. And, like every start of the year, IKEA launches a catalog . Tomorrow, more than seven million units of the 2019 catalog will be released in Spain, a little book that brings fans of Swedish furniture and decoration head over heels.

As IKEA has reported today, tomorrow the paper catalogs will begin to be sent to all those who have requested it and are close to a physical center . The rest will have two options: either go to an IKEA to pick it up themselves or access the online catalog online.

About the news, we have many and very interesting. To begin with, IKEA has decided to lower the price of no more and no less than 396 products that it already has in its catalog. But it is also that other improvements have been introduced that fans of the most mythical collections will appreciate.

For example, after 40 years, IKEA has decided to renew the Billy series with new colors and materials. The Tradfri family, for example, will offer new functions to adapt to smart home life.

The catalog, which will be distributed starting tomorrow, will not only arrive in Spain. The multinational company plans to release it in 55 different countries, in 76 versions and a total of 38 languages. In this way, a total of 190 million physical copies will be made. In our country it will be offered in Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Basque and English.


More interesting news from the IKEA 2019 catalog

Users who prefer screens to paper will have it much easier this year. Because IKEA plans to distribute a version of the IKEA 2019 catalog in e-book format , which will undoubtedly be liked - and very much - by users who prefer to take a look at it as if they were physically browsing the catalog.

For them, the catalog will also be available from tomorrow. So, in the event that you are not going to physically receive the catalog at home or you cannot wait to have it, you can also download it online to view it at your own pace from your computer, mobile or tablet .

Another important novelty has to do with the layout of the content. And it is that in this 2019 catalog the isolated rooms of the house will not be shown, with their furniture and corresponding accessories. What users will see will be up to seven complete homes , inspired by the Ikea Life at Home study, which tries to reflect different lifestyles and needs of the people who live in each of them.

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How to download the new 2019 IKEA catalog

If you are going to receive it at home, because you already registered at the time, you will not have to do anything: just wait . Because the distribution of the catalog will start from tomorrow. If not, tomorrow, August 30, a space will be set up so that you can request it and we will indicate it here.

Be that as it may, if you want to see the news through the online catalog or you want to download it in e-book format, you just have to go to this page, especially dedicated to the IKEA catalog and brochures. When the document is ready to download or view, we will give you all the keys to download it to your devices. And you can start taking measurements and make your shopping list.