How to create email templates in Gmail and Inbox

How to create email templates in Gmail and Inbox

An email template is a predetermined text that we use as a model so that it can later be sent, over time, to various recipients. An email that is sent, for example, automatically once we have received certain messages. Imagine a company that receives thousands of job applications every day. An email template could be a response of thanks, a courtesy for the sender's gesture of taking the company into consideration.

Whether you use Gmail or Inbox, both Google services, creating email templates is very easy. Next, we are going to show you how to design them in a few easy steps. Through explanatory captures we will detail the process, to become the king of email templates in Gmail and Inbox.

How to create email templates in Gmail and Inbox

To create email templates in Gmail you just have to do the following.

Enter the Gmail page with your email account. Once in it, look at the upper right side, the gear icon. Press it and, in the drop-down, press 'Settings'.

gmail settings

Once in the configuration screen, you will see that there are several tabs, in blue, through which you can navigate. Look at the one that says 'Labs'. Enter this window. Inside it, observe the different actions that you can do with this experimental section. Look for 'Predefined responses' and make sure 'Enable' is checked.

gmail canned responses

At the bottom, we save the changes and exit. Now we are going to write the template email. To do this, we go to the 'Compose' button and, in the body of the email, we write what text we want to be the default for our template. Now, we proceed to save this autoresponder as follows.

We go to the trash can icon at the bottom of the email. Click on the little arrow and go to 'Standard responses'. Click and a window will appear in which we will give a title to that template that we have just created.

reply gmail template

Now, when we want to reply to an email received with one of the predetermined responses, we just have to open the email and carry out exactly the same previous process of creating a template. We press the little arrow, 'Standard responses' and choose the appropriate one for that email. Automatically, it will be written in the body of the email and just send it.

Creating email templates in Inbox  is very easy.

We open the Inbox website with our Gmail account.

We are located on the right side of the web and we go down until we reach configuration.

inbox configuration

On the 'Settings' screen we choose the 'Templates' option. You will see that, next to it, we have two options, either create a new template or use one that we have already created before. As you have seen, the templates are synchronized between the two email providers: the templates you make in Gmail will appear in Inbox and vice versa.

create inbox template

If you click on create a new one, a text window will open in which we can write whatever we want and thus create the template. 

To reply to any email with the new template that you have made, you just have to go to the corresponding email, click on reply and, in the toolbar that should appear at the bottom, click on the notebook icon that you can see indicated below in the capture. In the dropdown you can choose the appropriate default template in that case.

inbox response template