Google Earth Pro is now available for free to everyone

google earth pro free

Google companyhas surprised with the announcement of the availability of Google Earth Pro for free for anyone who wants to test its features. It is the professional version of Google Earth , where maps and geospatial photographs of the entire earth are shown, accompanied by useful tools to design and plan routes, buildings, record videos using these images, and a good list of other possibilities. All this without having to spend a single euro.

This is good news for companies or users who use this type of maps and content when designing buildings, planning mountain routes or any other option that involves using spatial images of the earth with high quality and details . From architects to passionate about topography and maps. All this with many extra possibilities that do not exist in the Google Earth application to which, until now, most users went to consult data and images , although with much more limited options.

google earth pro

Google Earth Pro is a tool designed for the professional field , with extended options and that had an annual price of $ 399 . A cost that is justified by using high resolution images , compared to the limitation seen in the version of Google Earth that users could access for free . In the same way, the Pro version has help to geolocate information automatically , while in the free version it was necessary to do it manually. In addition, this advanced version that is now free allows you to import images of all types of resolutionsto accommodate your own images, even exceeding their resolution. Something that was impossible on Google Earth . It also presents options to create all kinds of maps and add layers of the user to accommodate the images to the information that you want to present.

However, what is surprising about Google Earth Pro is all the design and video editing tools they offer. And it is a full-fledged professional application. With it, an architect can use an image with great detail to insert his design of a building at a specific point , making it possible to create plans and images for reports, for example. Something that can also be carried out outside urban areas, designing all kinds of routes, buildings, plans or any idea on the high resolution images of Google Earth Pro . But there is more.

With this tool you can create users all kinds of video . These can be used to locate a news item at a specific point on the planet , moving the image from where the information is released to where it appears. It also allows you to create HD videos with animations of trips and routes that help to illustrate in great detail the movement of an airplane between two points.

In short, a measure that will make many happy. Of course, it is necessary to obtain a user password for Google Earth Pro , which is obtained by filling in the information on the Google registration website . After that, you just have to download the Google Earth Pro program and start using all its resources completely free of charge .