Terms and options to pay Hacienda la Renta 2016

Terms and options to pay Hacienda la Renta 2016

Since last April, all taxpayers have a pending task: submit the 2016 Income Statement. It is time to take stock and prepare documentation to get up to date with the Tax Agency .

This year everything has been simplified. The PADRE program has disappeared and at this point, everyone has to file the return through Renta Web . Actually we are facing more of the same, but doing it through the browser.

If you have already filed the return and it has been returned, you just have to wait. But if the opposite has happened to you and you have to pay, it would be nice if you knew all the options you have. And is that if the amount to pay is high, you always have the possibility of fractioning it .

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Split the payment to Hacienda de la Renta 2016

When we talk about splitting the payment, we mean dividing  the amount resulting from the declaration into two installments . In this way, returning what the Treasury asks of us will be much easier than paying it all at once. The amount can only be divided, yes, in two unique installments.

What the Tax Agency allows us to do is pay 60% of the total with the first payment . The second, of course, will be 40% and will have to be done before Monday, November 6, 2017. Which is the deadline set by the Treasury.

The advantage of all this? Although at the beginning you have to pay 60% of the total debt at once, the Tax Agency will not charge you interest . The management does not have any cost.

What you must do, of course, is indicate that you plan to divide the payment before filing the return. On the last page, where the instructions for payment and returns are made , you must check the box for fractional payment.

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that the payment has to be domiciled in a bank. This means that when submitting the return it will be necessary to indicate all the digits of your IBAN account . In this way, the Treasury will send you the receipt directly and you will not have to do anything.

And one last condition. Only the payments of those declarations that have been made within the term can be split . Remember that you have until June 30 (without exceptions) to submit it. If after that period you have not made the declaration and you present it later, you will not be able to opt for this payment facility.

In fact, most likely, in addition to having to pay your share, you will have to face some kind of fine for the delay . Be very careful with the deadlines. Especially if you don't want to overpay.

Deferral of the payment of the 2016 Rent

This is another option to be considered by those who are not able to pay the full amount of the 2016 Rent . In this case, what they can do is a postponement. That it is nothing other than paying what is owed in different monthly installments. As if it were a credit.

Taxpayers have the option to choose how we want to pay . Thus, a proposal will have to be made to the Tax Agency indicating whether we will pay in one year, in two, and so on. And in this case it will always have to be duly justified.

If the postponement does not exceed 6,000 there will be no problems , because it will not be necessary to provide any guarantee. The thing changes if the amount exceeds that amount. Because then it will be necessary to give a mortgage guarantee or a guarantee.

Keep in mind that the postponement will always have a cost . Which is the 5% APR, which is legally established. In addition, when processing it, you will have to choose if it is a deferral of less than 18,000 euros or if, on the contrary, it exceeds that amount.

And that's it. You can manage it without problems through the online Tax Agency . Or if you prefer, go to the offices that correspond to you to make the request.

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A third option: loans to pay the Rent

If none of the options offered by the Tax Agency convinces you, you have another possibility: make a bank loan to pay the Rent . Knowing that many people have problems paying the income result (it must be borne in mind that the average of the returns to be returned are about 1,900 euros), almost all financial entities have some product to facilitate the payment of taxpayers Of the debt.

Some of these loans can be contracted online . But on many other occasions you have to go through the office. And it is that the entity usually requires a previous study. in order to ensure that you will be able to pay.

However, you have to be very careful. These credits can save our necks, but in most cases they have too high interest . Banks also usually charge opening commissions and may even charge them for doing a risk study.

In addition, it is most likely that in order to approve this credit, the bank will ask the client (because they will have to be a client) to have the payroll domiciled or, in the case of the self-employed, to enter part of the invoices through an account in that bank and from there they are charged the Social Security fee.

What do I do to pay the 2016 Income?

It is clear that each will do what is best for them . When it comes to money, one can hardly put himself in the place of the other.

However, taking into account how expensive it can be to ask the bank for a loan to pay 2016 Income, it would be interesting to take a good look at the options proposed by the Tax Agency . Keep in mind that whatever amount it is, it can reach up to 54% in interest.

If your debt is less than 6,000 euros , seriously study the option of deferment. Because even if they charge you a 5% APR for it, surely it is not as expensive as asking the bank for the money.

If it is more reduced (it is between 1,000 or 2,000 euros), study the possibility of making the payment in two times , taking into account that you will pay 60% at the beginning and 40% of it almost at the end of the year.