Gadgets to play PUBG and Fortnite like a pro on mobile

Gadgets and gadgets to play PUBG and Fortnite like a pro on mobile

Let's be honest: playing shooters or shooting games on your mobile is anything but comfortable. Even more so if it is about online titles like those that top the download charts. And it is that to the lag that supposes to play from wireless connections it is necessary to add controls in touch screens. Something that, during the game, makes it very clear who is playing from a mobile phone, and who is playing it through the control of a console or with a mouse under their hand. But things can be balanced with certain gadgets and extras that enhance gameplay and mimic that of a game console controller. Ideal for PUBG and Fortnite for both Android and iPhone. Here we show you several of them.

Extra triggers

Playing on a mobile screen requires agile thumbs. The most skilled may also be able to use their index fingers at the same time while holding the terminal with the rest of the hand. However it is neither comfortable nor agile. And is that PUBG and Fortnite are games frantic enough to perform several tasks at the same time: move, aim, shoot and monitor the environment. Much more than can be done with two fingers at the same time . That is why there are those who have devised extra triggers that can be placed on the side of the mobile to improve ergonomics and use the indexes with total comfort.

They are two triggers that are attached to almost any terminal thickness , located on the side to be accessible with the tips of the indexes. Once adjusted, the system consists of creating a circuit that goes from the terminal screen itself to the physical button that is accessible off the screen. In this way, you only have to pass your finger over the button to activate the intended function. Basically it is like touching the screen, but without hiding part of it with our own fingers and without making strange gestures.

In both Fortnite and PUBG it is possible to edit the position of the buttons and actions of the game. You just have to go through the settings and rearrange everything taking into account the size and position of the triggers. Thus, we can use the left trigger to use the peephole in PUBG, and place the fire button at the top of the right of the screen to use the other trigger to shoot. In the case of Fortnite it is possible to use only one trigger as a trigger on the right side.

The experience is much more agile and comfortable . After all, the structure of the trigger barely hides part of the screen. And the best thing: it allows you to press it with the natural grip of the mobile, without having to press the index fingers too much. It's all faster and more comfortable, approaching the experience of using a wireless controller, for example.

fortnite triggers

There are triggers of different types and with different prices. Here we leave you some options seen on Amazon.

  • Tianu triggers for 1.81 euros
  • Transparent Oxoqo triggers for 2.59 euros
  • Guoyihua touch triggers for 2.02 euros

Physical joysticks

To complete the ergonomic experience and transform the mobile into a game console control, we can add a physical joystick to the screen. It works with a clamp system like the triggers, but focuses exclusively on the movement function . In this way it simulates the touch and response of a video game console control, with movement and inclination to make precise gestures.

physical joysticks

Now, unlike the triggers seen before, these joysticks do hide part of the screen under your body . Something that makes them less useful. However, it can be more comfortable than dragging your finger across the screen. Here we leave you several options seen on Amazon:

  • Ukcoco joysticks with suction cup for 2.99 euros
  • Tianu R1L1 clamp joystick for 1.99 euros
  • Transparent JRing joystick for 3.99 euros

Full command support

There is a third option before opting to buy a wireless controller. We are talking about a support that not only helps to better hold the mobile during long games, but also adds buttons and functionalities . Of course they are more expensive than simple physical triggers or buttons, but they also make the experience much more comfortable for the rest of the hand.

grid Fortnite

We are talking about grips or grips that simulate game console controls , designed to be gripped with the whole hand. Not only do they make the grip firmer and more comfortable, but it also predisposes our thumbs to press the screen comfortably. Some even add their own physical joystick, so adding the triggers would give us the same experience as a full controller. They usually adapt to different sizes of mobile, and some have extras such as a stand to place it on the table.

Of course they are much more bulky . So traveling with them can be more uncomfortable, and it may force us to do it with a bag to store it. But it is the price to enjoy a more comfortable experience.

These are some options that we have seen on Amazon:

  • Grid with physical joystick Zarlle for 3.89 euros
  • Grid with PerGrate Gaming Gamepad triggers for 7.77 euros
  • Grid with joystick and GameSir F1 support for 15.99 euros

Remote control

It is, without a doubt, the most comfortable option. Although it may not be the most agile. After all, to the response time between the controller and the mobile (bluetooth connection), we must add the latency or Internet lag of the game itself. Something that must be taken into account when we play against console or PC players, who do not have these problems and have extra tenths of a second to kill us.

fortnite wireless controller

The good thing is that we have total ergonomics to control each of the game's functions with its respective button . This makes movement and actions more comfortable, and also somewhat faster than just tapping your thumbs on the screen. After all, the design of a control is designed to also use the index fingers and even the middle finger if it has double triggers. And all this with the entire screen clear for viewing. The entire interface can be reduced and give way to the important thing: knowing where the enemies are.

As a negative point is the transport and its higher price . And there are controls as large, if not more, as the mobile itself. So playing anywhere can be somewhat relative, ending up as a mere peripheral to play directly from home.

Here we show you some options that we have seen on Amazon:

  • Control with support for the Mad Catz mobile for 30 euros
  • WeTek independent control for 21.16 euros
  • PowerLead Gapó remote control with mobile support for 20.99 euros