SpeedFan, control the temperature of your computer


If you use your computer often, you have probably noticed that it sometimes seems to get too hot (especially on laptops) and you have wanted to know if the temperature is too high. With SpeedFan we can control the temperatures of the equipment components . It is a free tool that shows us the temperature, status of fans and voltages of the equipment . The latest version of SpeedFan is 4.45 . We tell you the details below and we provide you with the download link at the end of the article.

When you start SpeedFan , the computer's system, available hard drives, processor and graphics card are scanned . At the end, it will show us a simple interface full of data . We will have the use of the CPU in percentage as well as some graphical bars with the level of use of each core. We will also see the list of fans , with their corresponding speed in revolutions per minute, the temperatures of the cores , the hard drives and the graphics card . At the bottom we have the voltages of the components. A high temperature will appear accompanied by the flame icon , if the temperature is below the average value it will have a blue arrow , red if the temperature is above and the correct symbol for an acceptable temperature (a lower temperature is always better).


One of the remarkable features of this program is the possibility of regulating the speed of the fans (as long as your computer allows this option). They will be listed as Speed01-06 accompanied by the percentage of their maximum speed. We can change the values ​​( always carefully , since lowering the speed will result in less noise but higher temperature , so it is not advisable to modify them if you do not know what to do ) or put it in automatic speed , which will regulate the speed of the fans depending on the temperature.

SpeedFan has other possibilities such as viewing graphs of temperatures , fan speeds or voltages , seeing the health data of your hard drive or obtaining system information . When we minimize it, it will show a temperature in the icons, and when passing over it it will show us the temperatures of the other components. It also provides more customization options for advanced users , such as creating their own ventilation rules (choosing the speed according to temperature), or sending notifications by email when the temperature exceeds a limit. In short, we are facing a very useful toolto see the health status of your equipment , and with extensive possibilities for advanced users.

Download SpeedFan from the official website