This is the new dinosaur robot that Mattel has created

This is the new dinosaur robot that Mattel has created

Does not grow. Nor does she eat. Nor does it bite. Not until proven otherwise, so you can adopt him as a pet. It is the new robot that the Mattel toy house has created and that bears this curious name: Alpha Training Blue. Besides roaring like a good dinosaur, he has a sense of humor and is even capable of responding to his master's orders.

The robot does not measure more than 30 centimeters and inside it includes a total of seven quite simple motors, in addition to different points of articulation. All this was designed by a designer named Michael Kadile.

Fans of dinosaurs and robots will greatly enjoy this critter. Because he growls when he's threatened and purrs when he's happy. In fact, the dinosaur changes its mood depending on how it is: on guard, training or prowling ...

mattel dinosaur

Train a dinosaur

You see that the dinosaur can do many things. But chances are, when you do get it - if you can't resist such a treat - you'll spend a lot of time in so-called 'training mode'. It is a very interactive system, with which you can control the dinosaur , while you give it orders and teach it to do things. We talk about simple things: simple movements and reactions. Nothing special.

In fact, users can enjoy a total of seven levels of training. The former have to do with basic commands, such as look up, down, turn left or right.

Then there are different formulas to get the dinosaur to move in a more delicate or aggressive way. As you progress, you can train this bug with slightly more complex movements and gestures : spin in a circle, attack (watch out for it) and even growl.

In principle Blue understands everything, but it may be that if at some point it does not process the order well, it will signal you. You will see that it blinks and lights its eyes bright red , indicating that it has not fully understood what you want it to do.

mattel dinosaur

Don't forget to pet this dinosaur robot

Remember this very well: every time the dinosaur does something well in the training phase, you will have to reward it. You don't need to feed him, but you do need to gently stroke him, both above and below his head. You will see that in the end, this brown beast ends up eating from your hand.

If you want to take it home, you should know that you can buy it through Amazon. Although in principle it is not sold in our country, there is the possibility of importing it from there for an extra. The set will cost a little less than 350 euros.