5 apps that come standard with the ZTE Axon Mini


The ZTE Axon Mini's software is quite nice. In it there are hardly any weird applications or an ornate appearance as it happened with other Chinese phones. The  layer customization of Mi-assistnat is subtle and uncluttered  despite the background have opted for simple lines and basic applications. Even so, the standard software covers almost 11 GB of the 32 GB of space on the terminal. We are going to analyze which are the applications that we will find as standard in the ZTE Axon Mini and what are their functions.


This is an application that allows us to share files with other devices without using data traffic. We can also manage mobile resources through our computer or transmit data to another terminal in the event that we want to change. When you configure the profile, you can enter a username and choose an avatar from the eight that we offer to customize your file traffic assistant. AliveShare connects via a WLAN or Bluetooth connection and does not consume data traffic. It has a very simple interface to use and you can share photos, music, videos, applications, documents or other files. It is only compatible with mobilesAndroid, does not work with iOS.


This application is one of the most accurate currently on the market. The ZTE Axon Mini comes standard and is very useful for those who need to check the weather status in their day to day. You can add as many locations as you want and it indicates the predictions for the next seven days. Includes summary and extended weather forecast plus local forecasts and short-term probabilities, animated satellite and radar images, and even video.


Perfect Piano

A music application with a piano emulator that allows you to practice from your ZTE Axon Mini . We can select the type of piano sound we want. We have to choose between acoustic, bright, organ or synthesizer among others . Among other functions, it has a metronome and the possibility of playing in different modes, including that of two players . It is not very realistic in terms of use, since we have to move the keys sideways as if it were a video game, but we must recognize that the sound is quite successful.


WPS Office

Thank you for adding an office suite to the ZTE Axon Mini . With this, the device complements itself in such a way that it becomes a perfectly functional phone for both normal and professional use. With this suite we can view, create and share documents on any Android device . It is compatible with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF or TXT . It also allows you to send files by email, Evernote, or any instant messaging application. PowerPoint presentations can also be shared over WiFi or with other DLNA compatible devices.

RAM memory cleaner

It allows you to close the applications in the background and save both memory and battery.  It is the most useful without a doubt.