How to update the Nokia Asha 303

Nokia Asha 303 01

The Nokia Asha have become a family with tradition within the field of low-cost smartphones . With the permission of the prestigious Lumia , the Finnish company Nokia has managed to put Asha devices at the forefront. All the pieces in its catalog are simple, but they are sufficiently equipped so that the user can fully enjoy the connectivity , but also new and interesting applications. The Nokia Asha 303 is one of the most and best equipped. It is a mobile phone consisting of a 2.6-inch touch screen and a  physical QWERTY keyboard, built into the front of the device. If you have in your pocket this smartphone , we are confident that on occasion you have wondered how you can make improvements to  software . We would answer you that like all the phones in the Nokia catalog , the Nokia Asha 303 is also a strong candidate for updates. Do you want to know how to do it? Follow the instructions we suggest to keep your device's software up to date .

Nokia Asha 303 02

1) To update your phone you will have to have the Nokia Suite software (which is installed on your computer), although the truth is that some updates arrive via OTA (Over The Air) , that is, wirelessly. In that case, it is not necessary to connect the device to the computer with a cable, but a WiFi connection is  necessary to allow you to download in complete safety. On the other hand, you should know that many updates are not available through this route, so it will be eminently necessary that you download the software to always have it ready. Click here to download Nokia Suite .

2) Once installed, you can now connect the Nokia Asha 303 with a USB cable to your computer. Nokia Suite will open immediately and you will see if there is an update available, accessing Tools> Software updates . Click on the data packages you want to download and click on Install . In a few seconds the process should begin. In no case disconnect the cable from the computer so that the update can continue its course without problems.

Nokia Asha 303 03

The latest software version for the Nokia Asha 303 is the one known as 14.87 . Its availability will depend on the service provider in each country, but in principle it should be operational in Spain . If you want to check the existence of this update before connecting the device to the computer, you can access the phone menu and select Settings> Device> Device updates . With this new data package, you will receive warning messages when the volume is too high (ideal for clueless users). Improvements are also established for roamingnetwork, manual selection of the active operator will be allowed and general modifications are added in the usability and performance section .

Finally, we want to remind you that all official updates are safe, but that it is always convenient to make a backup copy of the data stored in the terminal. The information on the memory card will always be safe.